T4 Freeview TV Box

The Great Escape

No monthly bills, no contracts, just TV on your terms

Tiny box, big TV: Enjoy over 100 channels and 60,000+ hours of on‑demand and catch-up TV.

Born in the U.K.

Designed in Britain for great British telly lovers, the T4 brings together live and on-demand TV – all in one place, and all for free.

When nature calls

Just hit pause, then resume when you’re ready. The T4 can pause live TV for up to 90 minutes, so you can pick-up where you left off. (Psst. if you want to rewind, replay or collect hundreds of hours of recordings you need the T4•R)

TV Guide +

View your way.

Whether you're in the mood for a blockbuster movie or a gripping drama, the Genre view helps you find exactly what you want. Explore your favourite channels with the Channel view or use the traditional Grid view for a broader look at what's on.

Your telly, your choice.

Looking for programmes with Subtitles, Audio Description or Sign Language? In the mood for movies in HD or dramas on your favourite channels? Whatever you need, our filter makes it easy to find.

Explore a week ahead. Or back.

Missed your favourite show? Or planning your week's viewing? Seamlessly catch up on past episodes and discover what's coming soon, all from the Guide.

On Demand made simple.

Explore featured on demand programmes from across all of the apps, categorised into Comedy, Movies, Sport and more. Play instantly, or save to your Watchlist to watch when you're ready.

Turbocharged telly.

The quad-core processor ensures lightning-fast responses, Ultra HD HDR delivers stunning pictures and 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi keeps your streaming silky smooth.

Plus, the T4 wakes up instantly and maintains an ultra-low power consumption at all times.


All-in-one remote.

Our remote has a clean layout and sleek, organic design that sits perfectly in your hand. And because it can control your TV, you won’t need another remote.

2-year warranty.

We back the T4 with a 2-year warranty and in-house technical support right here in the UK. Simply register within 30 days of purchase to activate.

Premium HDMI cable.

The T4 delivers exceptional value and even includes a premium 1.2M HDMI cable that supports resolutions up to 4K/60Hz.

Deep Dive #1

Unveiling the T4's redesigned TV Guide

Stay tuned for more deep dives into the new features launching with the T4 range.

The T4 builds on the strengths of the T3 and T1, with more powerful hardware for improved performance. It introduces many new features while retaining the user-friendly interface that our customers love, adding significantly more flexibility. Our recent blog, Deep Dive #1: Unveiling the T4's redesigned TV Guide, explored the new TV Guide with its advanced views and filtering capabilities. Future Deep Dives will focus on the enhanced search and discovery capabilities.

The T4 needs a a rooftop aerial to pick up most live TV and radio channels. While you can stream some channels via the internet, an aerial is necessary for the majority.

If you don’t have an aerial but do have a satellite dish, check out our Manhattan SX Freesat HD Box. It offers access to hundreds of TV and radio channels, making it an excellent, budget-friendly alternative for former Sky subscribers.

No, if you don’t connect the T4 to the internet, it will still work as a fantastic Freeview recorder. However, to enjoy its full range of features and on-demand services, an internet connection is necessary. Setting it up is easy with Wi-Fi, and it also offers an Ethernet option for those who prefer a wired connection.

Connecting your box to the internet is the also the simplest way to keep it updated with our newest software, guaranteeing you always have access to our best service.

The T4 can search for any live TV programme scheduled within the next 7 days. It also searches for all on-demand and catch-up programmes available from the apps.

The T4 is designed to save energy. It typically uses less than 6W when on, only 0.9W when asleep with Wi-Fi, and just 0.3W with Ethernet.

It also has a feature called Auto Standby. If you don't press any buttons on the remote for 3 hours, it will automatically go into standby mode. You can adjust or turn off this feature by going to: Settings > System > Standby Options.

Yes, the T4 remote can adjust your TV's volume, turn it on or off, and change its input by learning from your TV's remote.

Yes, if it's connected to the internet through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, the T4 will automatically look for updates every night and install them if it finds any. If your T4 isn't online, you can update it by downloading the update files onto a USB stick and plugging that into the T4.

If you'd rather updates didn't happen on their own, you can turn off Automatic Updates. To do this and to manually check for updates, go to: Settings > System > Software Updates.


Freeview Meets On Demand

Enjoy all your favourite Freeview channels, seamlessly integrated with the convenience of on demand TV.

Intuitive TV Guide+

Browse with ease and discover new favourites.

High-Tech Heart

A quad-core processor, Ultra HD HDR, and 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi ensure lightning-fast responses and stunning pictures.


Stay ahead with automatic software updates over the Internet.

Peace of Mind

Backed by a 2-year warranty and UK support


In the box

  • Premium high speed 1.2m HDMI cable, supports resolutions up to 4K/60Hz
  • Get Started Guide
  • Remote control & batteries
  • AC power adapter



Power consumption

Active (no USB device):Less than 13W
Active (with USB device):Less than 18W
Network Standby/Sleep:Less than 2W
Passive Standby:Less than 0.5W


AERIAL IN:Connect to an aerial (rooftop is best) to receive Freeview
LOOP OUT:Connect to a TV to use its internal tuner
ETHERNET:Connect to an internet router
HDMI:Connect to a TV or AV Receiver's HDMI port
OPTICAL:Connect to an AV Receiver or external sound system for Dolby Digital surround sound (when supported)
USB:Insert a USB stick for offline Software Updates