T4 Deep Dive #2:
Search and discover great telly

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5 Apr • 6 min read

The enthusiastic response to our first Deep Dive on the T4's redesigned TV Guide has us buzzing. Next up, we're diving deep into search and discovery, for those times when you want to venture beyond the schedule. With the T4 and T4•R, you can quickly find exactly what you're looking for or discover something new – all before the kettle's even boiled.

The best of British telly. Ready to play.

Wave goodbye to endless app-switching and say hello to the best of British TV, all in one place. Our Featured Picks bring together the most talked-about shows and hidden gems from across all the on-demand apps, ready to stream instantly. With a wider variety of categories, from side-splitting comedies to gripping dramas, and twice as many programmes as our T3 range, the T4 ensures you'll find the perfect show to match any mood. The hardest part? Deciding what to watch first!

Catch-up and upcoming episodes, only a click away.

Picture this: you come across that new show in the TV Guide that your friends have all been raving about. You're intrigued but missed the first episode and don't want to jump in mid-story. No worries – just press the "i" button on your remote, and our new "More" menu will be your guide. Catch up instantly with available episodes or browse all scheduled episodes for the next seven days. With the "More" menu, you're always in the loop.

Find it faster with universal search.

While our T3 series offered unified on-demand search across all apps, many of you rightly noted it didn't include the TV Guide schedule. We heard you, and you can now search across all on-demand content and the entire TV Guide for the next seven days. Our universal search puts all your viewing options at your fingertips.

Watchlist: Your personal on-demand library.

Sometimes, you find a programme or film you know you'll enjoy but aren't ready to watch just yet. Simply add it to your Watchlist. Easily accessible from the Home Screen, your curated collection will be ready whenever you are. Your shows, your Watchlist, your terms.

Filter and Zoom: It's all about you.

In Deep Dive #1, we introduced the new filter and zoom features that make the TV Guide easier to navigate and customise. But these features aren't just limited to the TV Guide – they work across the entire interface, including all the features we've explored in this Deep Dive.

Whether you're browsing Featured Picks, searching for a specific show, or scrolling through your personal Watchlist, you can filter the content to show only programmes with subtitles, audio description or sign language. And if you want a closer look, just hit the Zoom button on your remote to enlarge the entire interface – everything will adjust automatically to fit on your screen, so you don't have to worry about panning around.

Info and actions, at a glance.

While the TV Guide has always provided programme descriptions and accessibility info, browsing on-demand content used to require extra navigation. Not anymore! Now, whether you're browsing live TV or on-demand programmes, you'll find all the essential info and available actions in one convenient place – just look for the handy information area at the top of the screen.

Stay tuned for more.

With the Manhattan T4 TV box and T4•R Freeview Recorder, discovering the best of British telly is quick and easy. Spend less time fiddling with a remote and letting your Friday night takeaway get cold, and more time immersed in some great telly (and perhaps a chicken biryani)!

Stay tuned for more exciting features, and as always, we'd love to hear your thoughts, views, and telly habits with us via email, Twitter/X or Facebook.