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There are many reasons to choose one of our boxes:

  • Ease of Use: Our boxes have a simple, quick interface, making it easy to find and enjoy your favourite shows and channels.
  • Recording & Live Pause: With our Manhattan T4•R TV Recorder, you can easily record your favourite shows to watch later and pause or rewind live TV.
  • Reliability: Smart TVs often stop getting updates, which can make them less smart over time. Our boxes are different. We keep improving them, so you always have the easiest, most reliable way to watch TV.
  • Satellite TV: Many TVs can't receive satellite TV. Our Manhattan SX Freesat Box gives you hundreds of satellite TV and radio channels, making it a great option for Sky subscribers that want to save money.
  • Upgrading Older TVs: If your older TV lacks access to Freeview in HD or has limited functionality, our box can provide a significant upgrade.
  • No Additional Costs: You can access all our channels and apps for free, and you don't have to wade through a mountain of premium content we are trying to sell you to get to it.
  • Designed for the UK: We design our boxes in the UK, for the UK. We use them to watch TV every day just like you.

Whether you want to improve how you watch TV, need something easy and reliable, or have an older TV that needs an upgrade, our boxes are the perfect choice.

All of the apps available on our T4 TV Box and T4•R TV Recorder provide both on-demand and catch-up content.

"Catch-up" refers to programmes that were recently broadcast. If you missed an episode of your favourite show last night, catch-up allows you to stream it soon after its airing. "On-demand", on the other hand, refers to a vast library of new and classic programming, ready to play whenever you want. There is currently over 60,000 hours of on-demand content available on the T4 and T4•R, so whether you're in the mood for a vintage series or the latest blockbuster, on-demand has you covered with content ready to watch at your convenience.

Our Manhattan T4•R offers the unique advantage over most TVs of recording live TV. This means you can save your favourite shows permanently, watching them repeatedly at your convenience. With the T4•R, you also gain access to our Live Pause feature, allowing you to pause and rewind live TV, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action.

By integrating recording capabilities with catch-up and on-demand streaming, the Manhattan T4•R provides complete control over your viewing experience. Record and keep cherished shows, catch up on recent broadcasts, or dive into a broad selection of on-demand content. With the T4•R, the power to tailor your TV watching to perfectly fit your schedule and preferences is in your hands.

There's so much to say about this we wrote a whole blog.

We also have pages that explain the Freeview Play and Freesat platforms and our product ranges in more detail.

Yes, our Manhattan T4•R Freeview TV Recorder allows you to instantly pause and rewind up to the last two hours of the channel you've been watching.

You don't need an internet connection to use our SX Freesat Box.

Our T4 TV Box and T4•R TV Recorder work well as standard Freeview boxes without needing an internet connection. However, to access their full range of features, including on-demand services, an internet connection is necessaryYou can easily do this via Wi-Fi or use an Ethernet cable for a wired connection.

Connecting your T4 or T4•R to the internet also means you can easily update them with our latest software, ensuring you always get the best service. The SX currently gets its updates directly from the satellite, so it doesn't need an internet connection, although it has basic Wi-Fi capabilities in case this changes.

Our T4 TV Box and T4•R TV Recorder need a a rooftop aerial to pick up most live TV and radio channels. You can stream some channels over the internet, but they cannot be recorded. We don’t recommend using an indoor aerial as they rarely provide good coverage.

If you don’t have an aerial but do have a satellite dish, check out our Manhattan SX Freesat HD Box. It offers access to hundreds of TV and radio channels, making it an excellent, budget-friendly alternative for former Sky subscribers.

The channels you can access through Manhattan TV boxes depend on whether you're using Freeview or Freesat. Freeview coverage and regional services also vary depending on your location. For the most up-to-date list of channels available on Freeview, please check the Freeview Channel Checker. For channels available on Freesat, check out the Freesat Channel Checker. Both platforms offer a wide variety of TV and radio channels, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Our T4 TV Box and T4•R TV Recorder offer all of the UK's most popular subscription-free catch-up and on demand services, ensuring you always have access to the very best of British TV.

While our goal is to offer a rich selection of content, currently, global streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others are not available. We are a UK-focused company, and not all international streaming platforms see us as a priority for integration. However, we are always working to expand our offerings and hope to include more popular services in the future. Keep an eye out for software updates and announcements for new service integrations.

The following apps are currently available:

  • BBC iPlayer
  • ITVX
  • 4
  • My5
  • UKTV Play
  • GREAT! player
  • PBS America
  • POP Player
  • STV Player
  • S4C Clic
  • BBC Sounds

HD, 4K, Ultra HD and HDR are terms that describe the quality and clarity of the picture on your television screen. Here's a simple breakdown of what each term means:

  • HD (High Definition) offers a clearer and more detailed picture compared to standard definition (SD). Most modern televisions can display HD content, and you'll find that many programmes available on catch-up or on-demand services are in HD.
  • 4K and Ultra HD are terms used interchangeably to describe a resolution that is four times higher than HD. This means a significantly sharper and more detailed picture. Nature documentaries, for instance, look incredibly lifelike in 4K.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) works alongside 4K to improve your viewing experience even further. It enhances the range of colours and increases the contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks in an image. This means you get a picture that's not only sharper but also more vibrant and lifelike. Most programmes that are available in 4K are also in HDR and most TVs that support 4K also support HDR.

In summary, HD improves clarity, 4K/Ultra HD significantly increases detail, and HDR enhances colour and contrast, making everything you watch more vivid and immersive.

To enjoy 4K, you'll need a 4K television and one of our 4K compatible boxes, such as the T4 TV Box and T4•R TV Recorder. A great place to find 4K content is on BBC iPlayer, which offers a growing selection of shows in 4K. Check out the list here: What programmes can I watch in Ultra HD?

When you buy a Manhattan TV box, you're covered by a two-year warranty if you register the product within 30 days of purchase. If you don't register, you still get a one-year warranty.

We know how crucial support is, so we provide assistance through phone and email for as long as you require it. Our UK-based customer support team have expert knowledge of our products and digital TV, ensuring they're ready to help with any queries or issues you might have.

Yes, you can use Manhattan TV boxes with any television that has an HDMI port. This includes TVs labelled as “HD”, “HD Ready”, “4K”, or “Ultra HD”. Our boxes are designed to be compatible with a wide range of televisions, making it easy for you to enjoy your favourite shows and channels, regardless of your TV model.

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