Deep Dive #1: Unveiling the T4's redesigned TV Guide

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7 Dec • 7 min read

We can't thank you enough for your patience as we perfect our new T4 Freeview TV Box and T4•R Freeview TV Recorder. As we draw nearer to launch, we’re thrilled to share a short series of blogs that offer a deep dive into some of our most exciting features, all crafted in response to the invaluable feedback and input from our customers across the country.

We're kicking off the series with our redesigned TV Guide. Building on the strengths of the Manhattan T3 and T3•R, which introduced the ability to browse back and catch up with programmes from the past seven days, we're introducing a raft of new features. These enhancements will empower you to customise your viewing experience and help you find exactly what you're looking for, faster and easier than ever before.

A fresh, clear look.

Manhattan T4•R - TV Guide Grid view

We've given the TV Guide a makeover. Text is clearer, bolder and bigger, so no more squinting for anyone settling in for a cozy night in front of the TV.

Many of you mentioned that the blue text and icons were hard to see, so we've replaced them with an off-white that pops clearly from the screen. You also weren't fans of having to decipher channel logos to identify channels, so we show the names of all channels in text now, with a large logo for the focussed channel in the top information panel. Plus, by rethinking the layout, we've even added a seventh channel, all while making everything clearer and larger too.

If you prefer an even larger view, don't worry – we've got you covered! Accessed by the Zoom button on the remote, our new zoom feature allows you to easily enlarge the TV Guide and the entire interface. The menu elements will seamlessly adjust to ensure you don't have to pan around the zoomed area, offering a frustration-free experience.

What you need, when you need it.

Genre View

Manhattan T4•R - TV Guide Genre View

Let's be honest, when you're settling down with a bag of popcorn or cracking open a fresh tin of biscuits, the last thing you want to do is waste time scrolling endlessly to find a good movie or documentary. With our new Genre view, that's over.

It chronologically lists everything by programme genre:

  • Movies
  • Sport
  • Drama & Soaps
  • Entertainment
  • Factual
  • Kids
  • Lifestyle

This means that whether a movie is on Film4 or BBC One, it's all listed there together in one place.

Channel View

Up next, our new Channel view focusses on a single channel, making it a breeze to check out all the upcoming programmes for the next week, and catch up on anything you've missed from the past week.


Manhattan T4•R - TV Guide Filter

For those who need a helping hand, the new filter feature makes it easy to show only those programmes that offer subtitles, audio descriptions, or sign language. It also lets you show just the channel list you want, so if you just want to see all the programmes with subtitles on your favourite channels, they're just a couple of taps away.

Easy Navigation

We know how important great telly is to everyone. To us, it’s important that you can find the telly you’re looking for quickly and simply. To change between the Grid, Channel and Genre views, you simply press the Swap button on the remote, and to show the filter options, you press the Blue button. The current view and filter options are always shown in a floating bar at the bottom right of the screen.

Personalising Your TV Guide with Favourites

You can now press the Red button on the remote to add or remove a channel as a Favourite directly from the Guide, eliminating the need to navigate through additional menus. With your Favourites set, simply filter the TV Guide to show only those channels, creating a personalised channel lineup just for you.

Menu Preferences

Finally, we've addressed one of your most frequent requests. While our earlier models didn't have the filter feature for TV Guide, you could change channel lists, but it wouldn't stick. Now, the filter will stay applied until you put the box in standby. And, in the new Menu Preferences section of Settings, you can even set the filter to never clear automatically. This ensures the TV Guide stays filtered the way you set, even after standby.

So much more to come.

We hope you enjoyed this whirlwind tour of our new and exciting TV Guide. Over the coming weeks, we’ll explore a heap of other features and, of course, we’ll let you know as soon as we have our launch date pinned down

Until then, thanks for stopping by, and as always, share your views, thoughts, and TV habits with us via email, Twitter or Facebook.