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Manhattan T3•R Freeview Play PVR

The best British TV: live, recorded & on demand

Connect to an aerial and broadband

T3•R Freeview Play 4K Smart Recorder

Our flagship Freeview PVR gives you the best Freeview Play experience

  • Record, pause and rewind over 85 TV channels: the T3•R 500GB records up to 300 hours and the T3•R 1TB a massive 600 hours
  • Catch-up with brilliant on demand TV from BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5 and more
  • Watch YouTube and YouTube Kids on the biggest screen in the home
  • Experience programmes in stunning Ultra HD 4K HDR
  • Connect to a rooftop aerial to enjoy Freeview and by Wi-Fi or Ethernet for on demand TV

Record, Pause & Rewind
live TV

Record the entire series

Want to record an entire series? The T3•R will record every episode in just a tap.

Pause & rewind live TV

Whether you need to make a cup of tea or skip back and replay a great moment, the T3•R is always recording the channel you’re watching.

Recording that’s smart

Record two programmes at once. Need to record more? The T3•R will suggest alternative broadcasts to make it work.

The Best British TV On Demand from Freeview Play

Freeview Play gives you the very best of both live TV and on demand services. It gives you access to over 70 live channels (including 15 in HD) and 10 UK TV catch up services which provide over 40,000 hours of on demand programming too.

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Freeview Play is different from the standard Freeview service by adding the benefits of an internet connection for on demand services. The EPG or Electronic Programme Guide allows you to access live telly and programmes that have aired in the past seven days. Also, you’ll be able to watch any missed shows on the service’s TV catch up apps – BBC iPlayer, ITVX, All 4, My5, and UKTV Play are all available on the Freeview Play platform.

If you want to know more about the benefits of Freeview Play, you can find out more in our handy guide – What is Freeview Play.

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And the winner is…

Welcome Home

The T3•R's intuitive Home Menu makes finding the best live and on demand TV a doddle.

Scroll back

Plan your viewing up to seven days in advance and even skip back in time to watch on demand programmes from the past seven days.

Create Watchlists

The T3 & T3•R are the only Freeview Play boxes that let you store all the on demand programmes you want to watch in one place

Smart Search

Finding your favourite on demand programmes couldn't be easier – with instant results as you type.

Ultra High Definition

  • Get closer to the action with over 8 million pixels
  • Enjoy incredible detail with BBC iPlayer & YouTube in stunning 4K
  • HDR Ultra HD

YouTube on the Box

Your favourite YouTube and YouTube Kids videos on the biggest screen in the house.

BritBox Now Showing

Revisit old favourites or discover British classics you missed first time around with an optional subscription to BritBox. That means easy access to the very best of the BBC and ITV’s archives, along with a range of shows from Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Learning Remote

Our learning remote has a spacious, clean layout and sleek, rounded shape that sits perfectly in your hand. And because it can control your TV’s volume, power and input selection, you won’t need another remote.

The joy of free

Freeview's 85+ TV channels have 95% of the nation’s favourite programmes, so there’s no need to pay for channels you don’t watch. Simply connect the T3•R to your aerial (rooftop is best).

Free 2-year warranty

We back the T3•R with a 2-year warranty and in-house technical support right here in the UK. Simply register within 30 days of purchase to activate.

Free HDMI cable

The T3•R delivers exceptional value and even includes a premium 1.2M HDMI cable that supports resolutions up to 4K/60Hz.

Love for our

“This is as good as a Freeview Play box can get.”

The T3•R is Pocket Lint's pick of the best Freeview boxes – July 2020  

If you’re buying one of our Freeview boxes you’ll need a rooftop aerial for live TV and radio channels. If you don’t have an aerial, but do have a satellite dish, you might prefer the Manhattan SX Freesat HD Box, which gives you access to hundreds of TV and radio channels and is a great cost-effective replacement for sky customers who’ve ended their subscription.

No - but the T3•R box needs the internet to access the great range of On Demand services they offer and take advantage of all of their features. It has Wi-Fi so it’s a breeze to set it up and if you prefer a wired connection it has Ethernet too. If you don’t connect it the T3-R will still work as a fantastic Freeview recorder.

Connecting all our boxes to the internet is also the easiest way for them to receive software updates, ensuring you’re always receiving our latest and greatest service.

Yes - with the T3-R you get access to our Live Pause Feature. This makes it a doddle for you to pause and rewind shows in real time, and unlike other boxes, our Live Pause doesn’t need you to anticipate when you’ll want to rewind, meaning all it takes is the press of a button to go back and see a great moment over and over again.

Yes, the T3•R has a power-saving feature called 'Auto Standby' that takes place after three hours when no buttons have been pressed on the remote control or front panel. The duration can be changed or Auto Standby can be turned off altogether by pressing MENU and going to: Settings > System > Auto Standby

Yes, the T3•R remote is able to learn from your TV's remote to be able to control the volume level.

Yes, the T3•R will automatically check for an update each night and install one if it’s available. This can be disabled by turning ‘Automatic Updates’ off in the System section of the Settings menu. You can also manually check for an update by selecting ‘Check for Update Now’.

Please note that unless the update is considered critical, it will only be released over the internet and not broadcast over the air, so we recommend keeping your T3•R connected to your internet router by Ethernet cable. If you can’t connect your T3•R to your router using an Ethernet cable, the update can be installed using USB instead.


    • Over 85+ TV channels
    • Record, pause and rewind live TV
    • 500GB and 1TB hard drive models available: record up to 300 hours (500GB) or 600 hours (1TB)
    • The UK’s most popular subscription-free on demand TV players
    • Plan your viewing up to seven days ahead with the intuitive and easy-to-use programme guide – you can even skip backwards to catch-up with programmes from the last seven days
    • Intuitive recordings menu organised into categories & series
    • Option to always record in HD (when available)
    • Browse recommendations of the best on demand programmes
    • Create a watchlist of on demand programmes from different Players to watch whenever you want
  • Smart search - with instant results as you type
  • Experience programmes in stunning HD and Ultra HD 4K HDR
  • Bring YouTube and YouTube kids to the biggest screen in the home
  • Incredibly quick and responsive, there’s no need to wait for the T3 to boot-up thanks to the instant-on feature
  • Wi-Fi and simple setup
  • Beautiful, British-designed set-top box
  • Control your TV’s volume, power and input selection, with Manhattan's stylish Learning Remote.
  • Backed by Manhattan's free two-year manufacturers guarantee and UK-based customer support centre


In the box

  • Premium high speed 1.2m HDMI cable, supports resolutions up to 4K/60Hz
  • Get Started Guide
  • Remote control & batteries
  • AC power adapter



Power consumption

Active (no USB device):Under 19W
Active (with USB device):Under 24W
Network Standby/Sleep:Under 2W
Passive Standby:Under 0.5W


AERIAL IN:Connect to an aerial (rooftop is best) to receive Freeview
LOOP OUT:Connect to a TV to use its internal tuner
ETHERNET:Connect to an internet router
HDMI:Connect to a TV or AV Receiver's HDMI port
OPTICAL:Connect to an AV Receiver or external sound system for Dolby Digital surround sound (when supported)
USB:Insert a USB stick for offline Software Updates

Get Started Guide

Download the PDF

Important Information Booklet (500GB)

Download the PDF

Important Information Booklet (1TB)

Download the PDF

The Freeview service and channels are subject to coverage and may be changed from time to time. Aerial upgrade may be required. Visit

Minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps required for catch up and on demand services. Watching on demand and catch up programmes will count towards any monthly broadband data allowance. 7-day catch up for selected channels.

4K & HDR content currently only in supported apps such as YouTube.

Some TVs use non-standard signals and may not be supported