Think inside the box

Meet the new Manhattan TV

We've made some changes to how we look and sound - read on to find out all about the new Manhattan TV.

Alex • News
4 Nov • 7 min read

The best shows to watch in a weekend

There’s nothing we love more than those rare weekends where the stars align and you realise you can dedicate some serious time to watching great telly. Add in a comfy chair and some tasty snacks and you’ve got everything you need for an unforgettable weekend. But, then comes the big question, what should I watch?

Steven • What to watch
3 Nov • 8 min read

Freeview or Freesat?
Which is best for you?

Freeview and Freesat both offer all the great British TV you love – so how do you choose between them? Read on to find out.

Alex • Guides
2 Nov • 7 min read

Pausing Live TV - the reality

Remember those days when you had to dust off an old VHS tape, hope that the ‘video player’ was working, press a bunch of weird and wonderful buttons and then spend the rest of the day panicking. All that so you could watch your favourite show in two halves - one before dinner and the other after. Well thankfully, those days are long over.

Alex • Guides
2 Nov • 6 min read

Do I need to care about 4K and HDR?

4K and HDR are the hottest abbreviations in TV right now. But what do they actually mean? Let's find out.

Alex • Guides
1 Nov • 7 min read

Why being able to record your favourite TV still matters

It’s a question we get asked everyday: why should I get a set-top box that records to a Hard Drive if I can just stream what I want to watch from catch-up and on demand services?

Alex • Guides
30 Oct • 6 min read