Side-splitting comedies to watch on your Manhattan TV box

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20 May • 6 min read

Let’s face it, when it comes to comedy, few do it better than us Brits. From classics like Blackadder and Porridge through to more recent hits like Starstruck and Stath Lets Flats, we’ve been responsible for some of the biggest laughs in TV history.

One of our favourite things about great comedies is their endless rewatchability - sure you know the punchline is coming, but it still tickles you just the same. It’s with that in mind we’ve compiled a list of our favourite comedies from the archive that are sure to leave you in stitches, no matter how many times you’ve seen them before.

So, if you fancy laughing your evening away in front of the box, here’s our top picks for comedy greats you can catch on Manhattan:

Michael McIntyre - Happy and Glorious

15,000 punters packed into the O2 arena again still feels quite far away, doesn’t it? But cast your minds back to 2017 for this lesson in the art of comedy from McIntyre. Following the record-breaking success of Live and Laughing, Hello Wembley and Showtime, the comic was back for this hilariously emphatic return.

McIntyre gave this his all and clearly loved every minute - and was left with the characteristic floppy hair and shiny face to prove it. Even jokes superfans might have heard before are given an extra lease of life by the electric energy in the crowd. And the best thing is, T3-R customers can catch every minute of this special show on BBC iPlayer!

Friday Night Dinner

Following the recent sad passing of Paul Ritter, we’ve been spending our evenings revisiting this modern day cult classic. It’s safe to say, it’s just as good as the first time we tuned in! But for those that haven’t watched before, Robert Popper’s comedy focuses on the regular dinner experience of a middle-class Jewish family. In theory, this sounds like a subdued affair, the reality is far more chaotic and we can’t get enough of it!

The two-time Bafta nominated show is packed with cleverly crafted gags that are executed to perfection by the show's small, but immensely talented cast. Friday nights don't get much better than Friday Night Dinner and what’s more, every episode is available on catch up by clicking on the All 4 link - here!

Spitting Image

Despite clearly being a product of its time, Spitting Image’s underlying premise remains timeless. And great news - every episode of this satirical British classic is available at your fingertips right here on Britbox. Those with subscriptions and T3-R boxes will be able to catch this award-winning masterpiece that has become every bit the pop culture staple.

From Ronald Reagan to the Royal Family, no one was safe from the firing line during the show's initial run. And it’s that utter fearlessness which makes Spitting Imagine one of the funniest shows this country has ever produced. A true national treasure - and that’s a phrase the Manhattan team doesn't use lightly!


Now, there’s no shame in this choice! Paul Abbot’s working-class pièce de résistance genuinely gets better every time we watch it. The Gallagher family provide endless scenes of ridiculous joy and the best thing is, all 11 series’ of binge-worthy gags are just one click away - here!

This Brit hit lives long in the memories of the nation, with quotable catchphrases and episodes that still leave us in heaps of laughter. While the American remake doesn’t quite strike the right chord, the Manchester-set original is responsible for some of British TV’s funniest moments.

My Family

The undoubted beauty in this was how much it resonated with all of us. Ben, Susan, and their 3 eccentric children had peculiar personality traits that were all too relatable. And not only were these traits relatable, but the hilarious anecdotes were too.

We’ve all had awkward moments with in-laws, or those unwanted conversations with colleagues. That’s why the show still has us laughing along like it’s the first time hearing one of the beloved punchlines. We just can’t believe it started all the way back in 2000! The title says it all, this is one the whole family can fall back in love with. Even fall in love with for the very first time. You can still catch every episode over on BBC iPlayer. What are you waiting for?!

And that’s our shortlist. Undoubtedly three of our favourite shows to watch over again. The best bit is, they’re all so easy to find and even easier to watch! Binge-worthy brilliance available anytime of the day.

Which comedies have you been enjoying recently? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, or if you have more to say, email us - we'd love to hear from you!