Making the most of your Freeview Recorder

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9 Dec • 5 min read

Streaming services might promise the entertainment world at your fingertips, but there’s some very good reasons why you should invest in a Freeview recorder if you’re a fan of British TV. We’ve outlined some of the key reasons you should still consider one below.

Complete control

With a recording you’re not at the whims of a streaming service deciding not to renew their license for certain shows or putting a time limit on when you can watch them. You and only you decide how long you’ll keep the recording for. And if you ever get bored of that recording, you can get rid of it and never think about it again. That means no more scrolling through page after page of irrelevant shows or trying to remember which streaming service you found the last episode on - just complete control over your viewing habits.

No wasted time

While some adverts are great, there’s only so many times you can see Snoop Dogg sing about Just Eat on All4 before you never want to see one again. And with a Freeview recorder you don’t have to. Once your show is recorded you can fast forward through every advert without even the tiniest bit of guilt.

Picture perfect

If you care about picture quality, then recordings are the way to go. The HD picture you get from recording a live broadcast is almost always better than one from a stream - even if you have the best internet in the world.

Staying in the dark

Going to be out for your favourite show or sporting moment and terrified of having it spoiled? With a Freeview recorder you don’t have to risk seeing spoilers on a catch-up service - just avoid your phone, find your recording and watch away. Plus if you’re a sports fan, certain shows (like Match of the Day) are either unavailable on catch-up or only available for a limited time. Far safer to hit record on the 10.30 Saturday night airing and watch it at your leisure through the week.

Unreliable internet

We all have problems with our internet from time to time - often at the most inconvenient moment. A Freeview recorder means you’re never left frustrated by not being able to rewatch an old favourite or catch up on that last episode of Eastenders you missed because your internet is having a bad day. Just find your trusty recording and you’re good to go.


Giving your kids the remote on a streaming service is always a lottery. While they have kid-friendly modes, we all know children will figure out how to bypass them eventually. But with a recorder, there’s nothing for them to bypass. You can record their favourite shows for them to watch over and over and hand them the remote so they can control it for themselves. And kids love it too - they can rewind over and over - or even fast forward past scenes no one wants to see too many times.

There you have it - all the reasons a Freeview Recorder is still the best friend your TV can have in 2021

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