Looking to quit Sky or Virgin? The Manhattan T3-R is your perfect replacement

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28 Apr • 5 min read

Fed up of paying through the nose for access to a whole range of TV channels you never watch? We’ve all been there. Here's why the Manhattan T3-R is the perfect replacement.

You’ve been told for years that watching all of your favourite shows, past and present, means being tied to lengthy and expensive subscriptions. But that’s not the case.

And if you want access to the latest tech - for example being able to watch iPlayer in 4K, then the only way to get it is by forking out for an expensive upgrade package. That’s not the case either.

The time has come to ditch those costly packages and try a different way, and that’s exactly what we’ve offered for over 20 years!

Your favourite TV, for free

Our T3-R combines 85 Freeview TV channels with streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My 5 and many more. This means your favourite shows are largely available for a one-off payment of just £169.99 - what a deal! And if you still want more - you can pay a low monthly fee for BritBox to get access to the UK’s biggest archive of classic telly.

We’ve got the stats to prove it too. Freeview Play gives you access to 95% of the nation's most beloved shows, so there really is no need to look any further! Our boxes are beautifully simple to use, fit nicely into any home set up and put the focus where it should be - on watching great telly!

Savings, and more savings!

A year’s Sky subscription can cost up to £732. That’s a fact - and not a pretty one. So, when we compare that to a one-off payment of just £169.99 for our 500GB T3-R box, there’s only one winner - and that’s us! In the first year alone you’ll save well over £500. That’s money towards your long-awaited holiday abroad. Or a treat for the whole family. Whatever you choose, we’ll be thrilled to know that we helped play a part.

And even if you opt to pay for BritBox to revisit old classics and discover new loves - a monthly subscription is just £5.99 - working out at £71.88 a year, a massive saving on your old deal.

Need a little extra reassurance? Well, we think cordbusters.co.uk put it perfectly perfectly: “The T3-R is currently the pinnacle of Freeview boxes.” Easy-to-use technology combined with savings that can help make a huge difference.

We think inside the box

It’s important to remember the only thing we cut back on is the price, but we never compromise on quality. Just like Sky, you can experience many of your favourite shows in stunning HD, and provided you’ve got a 4K telly, watch select highlights from iPlayer and YouTube in hyper-realistic 4K HDR.

Our T3-R box itself is incredibly quick and responsive. What’s more, if you’ve become obsessed with a new series or fallen back in love with a classic, you can record an entire series in just a few taps - what a result!

Pause on your terms

Our recorder has a trick up its sleeve and it’s called Live Pause. While your existing box might offer you the ability to pause TV while you’re watching it and then come back - the Manhattan T3-R approaches things a little differently. What makes it so special? Well it’s constantly recording what you’re watching - so you don’t need the power of foresight to predict when you might want to rewind. It’s a feature our customers love - and if you’re curious about what else makes it different, you can find out more here.

We’re so confident in our product that we’ve backed up our words with a free two-year manufacturer's guarantee and any queries are handled at our UK-based customer support centre to ensure the fastest responses possible.

Still curious? We love chatting about our boxes, so drop us a line via Twitter, Facebook or email and say hi.