Fed up of paying BT huge prices for TV you don’t watch? Freeview could save you money

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8 Nov • 6 min read

We’re all used to TV contracts that provide us with hundreds of channels but do we really watch them? Freeview TV provides 95% of the nation’s most popular shows, for free.

If you’re with BT now then you’re already getting most of your TV over Freeview with your BT box plugged into an aerial. So what’s stopping you cancelling your contract and just using their box for Freeview TV? The BT terms and conditions mean you have to return their equipment within 60 days of cancelling.

What are your options?

Don’t cancel your BT Broadband but your do want a replacement for the box. Welcome to the Manhattan TV Boxes!

If you’re used to a BT TV box which allowed you to record your favourite programmes then we have a fantastic replacement box for you which actually has more features. The Manhattan T3•R Freeview Play Recorder gives you all the available Freeview channels including many in HD. It also gives you access to the BBC’s 4k TV via iPlayer and 4k content on YouTube!

What’s Freeview Play?

We’re sure you’ve heard of Freeview, it’s been providing free TV to Uk residents for the past 20 years but what does the Play mean? Freeview Play adds to the live TV channels you can watch with access to all the best catch up services from BBC iPlayer, ITV X*, All 4, My 5 and many more.

But this great TV service does more than just give you access to individual Apps to catch up on TV you’ve missed. Manhattan have integrated the service into their box so you don’t need to open every player when you want to search for what’s on. A single search menu allows you to look for your favourite programmes across all the on demand players, it couldn’t be simpler.

Think you need an expensive contract to get something worth watching? Think again, Freeview Play provides over 60,000 hours of on demand TV, from programmes you’ve just missed to classic comedies there’s always something worth watching just a few clicks away. The best part, it’s all for free!

On top of the impressive search we also make the most of the Freeview Play platform to give you a few extra ways of finding things to watch.

Let Us Entertain You

Our Featured Picks highlight the great TV available for you to watch, on demand, right now. These curated lists of content give you access to so much great TV, you can narrow it down by category to comedy, movies, entertainment, drama & soaps and many more. Whatever you’re in the mood for the Manhattan T3•R will make it easy to find.

All you’ve missed all in one place

If you liked the sound of our Featured Picks then you’re going to love our Watchlists. Remember the supercharged search we’ve already mentioned, well watchlists take it to another level. Any time you find a programme you love, whether it’s on our TV Guide, Search or Featured picks you can add them to your own personal watchlist. Watchlists give you instant access to the programmes you want to keep up with and browsing through all the available episodes is a doddle. Need to catch up on TV you’ve missed? Let our watchlists put the episodes you’ve missed just a few clicks away.

Why Manhattan for Freeview Play?

Like the sound of what Freeview Play gives you… for free? Not sure if the Manhattan T3•R is the box for you? Well don’t take our word for it, Tech Advisor have listed their best TV boxes for 2023 and the Manhattan T3•R was their pick for Freeview content.

”If you still primarily watch TV over streaming services, the Manhattan T3-R is a great option. It offers Freeview Play, complete with 85 channels (15 of which are HD), and you’ll also find catch-up apps from all the main UK broadcasters if you miss something on TV.”

Out of all their favourite TV streamers ours is the only one that gives you access to all the live TV Freeview provides. You can read their full review of the Manhattan T3•R here.

If you like what you’ve heard then visit our Manhattan T3•R page for the full rundown of what it provides and a list of our retail partners where you can get your hands on the best freeview play recorder.