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HD channels are transmitted with Dolby Digital audio. If you cannot hear any sound on HD channels, it is likely that your TV does not support Dolby Digital but Dolby Digital is set to 'On' in the Sound section of the Settings menu. Change the setting to 'Off' to resolve the issue.

The HD-T2 has a power-saving feature called 'Auto Standby' that takes place after three hours when no buttons have been pressed on the remote control or front panel. This can be turned off in the Time section of the Settings menu.

Updates for the HD-T2 can be found in the 'Software Updates' section above. Before downloading, please check the software version displayed in the Information menu of your HD-T2 to determine if it is up to date. To do so, press MENU and then choose the 'Information' option.

Updated are provided in a 'zip' file that contains the main upgrade file, a PDF with updating instructions and another one with release notes about the update. (Zip files are used because they pack one or more computer files into a single file or folder which takes up less space).

To 'unzip' the file and extract the contents using Windows, right click on the file and choose the option to 'Extract All'. On a Mac, simply double click the file. You may find it more convenient to do this after copying the zip file to your Desktop.

After extracting the files, follow the updating instructions in the included PDF.

A software update may not be being broadcast. When a software update is broadcast, it is for a limited time period of up to a few months. If your device is unplugged or unused during that period, it may not pick up the update. Also, please note that only critical software updates are broadcast. Non-critical updates for the HD-T2 are released as USB downloads.

There are three possible issues:

  1. The USB stick is not compatible with the receiver.
  2. The USB device is not formatted using the FAT32 filesystem.
  3. The USB device does not contain the correct upgrade file.

If you're having difficulties, contact us and we will send you a USB pre-loaded with the software via normal post

Your PIN can be reset using the master PIN. In order to protect minors, we don't publish the master PIN, so please contact us and we will give it to you.

Once you have the master PIN, go to the System section of the Settings menu and choose the 'Set Lock PIN' option. When it asks for your PIN, enter the Master PIN and then follow the instructions to create a new one

Please follow these steps:

  1. Press the LIST button to display the main channel list.
  2. Highlight the channel that is showing a lock icon against it.
  3. Press the yellow button and then enter your PIN.

If you have lost/forgotten your PIN, please see the question above for details about resetting it

This product does not support recording to external hard drive or playing media files using the USB connection. The USB connection is for software updates only.

Your manufacturer may not have programmed the remote control with the ability to control the HD-S2. Universal Electronics have programmed their Universal Remote to control the HD-T2 using the code SAT 3735.

Your manufacturer may not have programmed the remote control with the ability to control the HD-S2. Universal Electronics have programmed their Universal Remote to control the HD-T2 using the code SAT 3735.

It is likely that the signal from your TV aerial is weak. Indoor aerials are particularly poor and extremely sensitive to direction, meaning they will often tune some channels when placed in one position and a whole different set when placed in another. If you have an outdoor aerial, it may not be aligned correctly to receive signals from your local transmitter.

If you've moved your HD-T2 to a new location (e.g. you've moved house), you should try retuning. Press MENU and in the System section select 'Retune'.

Apps require a constant 3Mbps internet connection as a minimum.

If your HD-T2 is not located near your hub or router, you could use HomePlug powerline adapters to extend your home network using the ring main of your house. Another option is to use a Wireless Ethernet Bridge to bridge the Ethernet socket of the Plaza HD-T2 to Wi-Fi, enabling it to connect wirelessly to your home network. For more information, please consult with your installer or retailer. If you require support for these devices, you will need to contact the manufacturer. The Plaza HD-T2 does not support USB Wi-Fi dongles.

There are a few possible reasons.

1. Your HD-T2 is not connected properly

Ensure your aerial is connected to your HD-T2 and an HDMI, SCART or composite video cable is connected from your HD-T2 to your TV.

When your HD-T2 is turned on, the LED on the front is green.

2. The correct input on your TV is not selected

Press the MENU button on your remote control. This displays the Settings Menu, making it easy to tell when you find the right input.

To change inputs, most TV remotes use a button labelled ‘AV’, ‘SOURCE’, ‘INPUT’, or with a TV icon and arrow. Each press should cycle through your inputs. Check your TV's manual if necessary.

Once you find the input displaying the Settings menu, press EXIT and check if live TV is working. Try changing to BBC 1 by pressing '1' on the remote control. If you still don't see any video or hear any sound, the next step is to try retuning. To do this, press MENU and in the System section select 'Retune'.

3. An incompatible HDMI resolution has been selected

If you are using HDMI, your TV may not support the HDMI resolution you have set the HD-T2 to use. This could happen if you configured the HD-T2 with one TV and then moved it to another one.

Hold the MODE button on the remote control for 7 seconds to reset the resolution to 720p, which should be compatible with all HD TVs.

You could also try using a SCART cable to connect the HD-T2 instead. This will help you verify if the problem is with the HDMI connection.

If you still have problems, please contact us for further assistance

v1.35 Software Update

Released 30/05/18

Due to recent broadcast changes in the UK the EPG data transmitted on the COM7/8 multiplexes has increased by 5 times. This can cause the HD-T2 to slow down during use when watching a service from COM7/8. This has been fixed.

Please note that due to the changes in this release, the receiver will automatically reset to factory default and all user settings such as below will be lost:

  • Favourites
  • Reminders
  • Deleted channels
  • Settings

After reset, the installation process will start. Please follow the on-screen prompts and if you need assistance refer to the “Tuning In” section on page 12 of the User Guide.

Download the Plaza HD-T2 v1.35 software update

Previous Releases

v1.34 (from v1.33)

  • The URLs for the BBC Apps have been updated to ensure they continue working when the BBC shuts down the old URLs.

v1.33 (from v1.31)

  • VuTV has been discontinued so the the VuTV APP icon in the Guide has been permanently removed.
  • Fixed an issue where BBC iPlayer via the TV SCART output was not displaying the control functions.

v1.31 (from v1.22)

  • Fixed volume level settings bug that could affect the Auto Turn On function.
  • Fixed HD channel genre line up in Guide
  • Updated Manhattan logo and UI backgrounds
  • Updated Freeview logo 

v1.22 (from v1.19)

  • Improved remote control response when navigating menus or changing channels.

v1.19 (from v1.0)

  • Fixed an issue when using Auto Turn On that would cause it to work intermittently.
  • The red border that indicates an App has been selected is now larger to make it easier to see.
  • Added the option for Software Update via USB during step 1 of the installation process. When a USB device with valid software is connected to the USB port at the back of the receiver, the footer will update to indicate that pressing the red button will display the “Software Update via USB” prompt

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