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The T2•R has a 3.5mm 4-pole Minijack analogue AV output that can be used to connect it to older TVs with the Manhattan Analogue AV Kit (not included). Learn more >

As explained on page 11 of the Get Started Guide, in order to meet EU energy regulations, it is disabled in standby in order to conserve energy. It can be turned on in the System section of the Settings menu. Press MENU and go to: Settings > System > Loop Out in Standby.

There are a few possible reasons.

Your T2•R is not connected properly

Ensure your aerial is connected to your T2•R and an HDMI or AV cable is connected from your T1 to your TV.

When your T2•R is turned on, the LED on the front is blue.

The correct input on your TV is not selected

Press the GUIDE button on your remote control. This displays the TV Guide, making it easy to tell when you find the right input.

To change inputs, most TV remotes use a button labelled ‘AV’, ‘SOURCE’, ‘INPUT’, or with a TV icon and arrow. Each press should cycle through your inputs. Check your TV's manual if necessary.

Once you find the input displaying the TV Guide, press EXIT on your T2•R's remote and check if live TV is working. Try changing to BBC One by pressing '1' on the remote control. If the T2•R says there is No Signal, you may have a problem with your aerial. To retune:

  • Press MENU
  • Select 'Settings'
  • Select 'Tuning'
  • Select 'Smart Retune' and follow the on-screen instructions

An incompatible HDMI resolution has been selected

If you are using HDMI, the T2•R may be set to an HDMI resolution that your TV does not support:

  • Normally the T2•R is set to auto detect the HDMI resolution but this can fail with some TVs.
  • The T2•R can also be manually set to a resolution in the Picture & Sound section of the Settings menu. This could cause an issue if you set a resolution (e.g. 1080p), then move the T2•R to another TV that doesn't support that resolution.

The T2•R can automatically cycle through the available resolutions until you find one that works:

  • Turn the T2•R on and wait 30 seconds.

  • Press MENU.

  • Press & Hold ‘0’ for 5 seconds.

  • The T2•R will try each of the 3 HD resolutions for 15 seconds in this order: 1080p, 1080i and 720p. Select ‘Confirm’ when you can see the picture.

It is likely that the signal from your TV aerial is weak. Indoor aerials are particularly poor and extremely sensitive to direction, meaning they will often tune some channels when placed in one position and a whole different set when placed in another. If you have an outdoor aerial, it may not be aligned correctly to receive signals from your local transmitter.

If you've moved your T2•R to a new location (e.g. you've moved house), you should try retuning:

  • Press MENU
  • Select 'Settings'
  • Select 'Tuning'
  • Select 'Smart Retune' and follow the on-screen instructions

HD channels are broadcast with Dolby Digital audio. If you cannot hear any sound on HD channels, it is likely that your TV does not support Dolby Digital but Surround Sound is selected in the Picture & Sound section of the Settings menu. Change the 'Audio Output' setting to 'Stereo PCM' to resolve the issue.

Your PIN can be reset using the master PIN. In order to protect minors, we don't publish the master PIN, so please contact us and we will give it to you.

Once you have the master PIN, go to the PIN section of the Settings menu and choose the 'Change PIN' option. When it asks for your PIN, enter the Master PIN and then follow the instructions to create a new one.

The T2•R has a power-saving feature called 'Auto Standby' that takes place after three hours when no buttons have been pressed on the remote control or front panel. This can be turned off in the System section of the Settings menu.

They have been programmed to control the volume of another device. Reset your T2-R remote by following the instructions in ‘Reset Your Remote’ on page 13 of the Get Started Guide.

You did not set the T2-R’s volume to max before programming your Manhattan remote to control your TV. To fix this:

  • Reset your Manhattan remote by holding the SUB and RED buttons for 3 seconds until the LED blinks
  • Turn the volume up to max on your T2-R with the V-UP button
  • Reprogram your Manhattan remote to control your TV (see page 13 of the Get Started Guide)

v1.12 Software Update

Released 24/06/20

If your T2•R is connected to the internet and left in standby, it will update automatically overnight, unless you have disabled automatic updates in the System Settings menu. Please see below for more information about updating, including how to update by USB.

The following changes are since the last public release, v1.07, made on 04/09/19. If you purchased your T2•R after March 2020 it may have v1.09 as this was used for production in January 2020 but never publicly released. Where an issue was resolved in v1.09 it is noted below.


  • Manhattan menus can now be used when using interactive services with video, like 211 Ketchup TV and 265 Planet Knowledge. Previously you needed to exit the service or change the channel first. (1.09)
  • During initial setup the Confirm Your PIN step has been updated to make it clearer you need to re-enter your PIN. (1.09)
  • The system can now be restarted in the System Settings menu and by pressing: Red - 0 - Red - Standby.


  • When recordings were sorted alphabetically and you played an episode in a series folder the sort would unexpectedly change to reverse date order. (1.09)
  • Black bars could be shown on either side of programmes on BBC One SD. (1.09)
  • After watching a recording of a live programme (chase playback) to the end, when next using live pause, it could freeze and then fail to respond until a restart.
  • Playback of an already recorded programme could unexpectedly exit when there was a dynamic change in the transmission of an in-progress recording (e.g. audio or subtitles) and that recording then ends.
  • Programmes deleted and emptied from the Trash could not be re-recorded and any repeats were indicated as already recorded.
  • When retune events were signalled by the broadcasters you could be prompted to retune more frequently than necessary.
  • When making a regional selection during Installation, the wrong regional services could be selected.
  • The AD icon was not shown for programmes on ITV with AD.

    How to Update

    To check your current version, press MENU and select: Help > System Info.

    If the version is lower than 1.12, you should update.

    Update your T2•R over the internet

    • Your T2•R needs to be connected to your internet router with a wired Ethernet cable
    • To update straight away, press MENU and select: Settings > System > Check for Update Now.
    • Your T2•R will update automatically overnight whilst in standby, as long as you haven't disabled automatic updates in the System Settings menu
    • When you turn your T2•R on for the first time after it has updated, a message will be displayed confirming the update has taken place successfully
    • To check the status of your T2•R's internet connection, press MENU and select: Help > System Info > Network

    Update by USB Stick

    You can update using a USB stick. 

    • Download the instructions: Manhattan_T2-R_v1.12_USB_Update_Guide.pdf
    • Download the zip file containing the update files and release notes:
    • On most computers you should be able to double click on the zip file to extract or browse the contents. 
    • Before proceeding, please read the instructions.
    • Do not copy the zip file to your USB stick as that will not work.

    Previous Updates

    v1.07 Software Update

    Released 04/09/19


    • Channel lists are now persistent: After selecting a list and then a channel in the TV Guide (e.g. 'HD Channels' and then 'BBC One HD'), as long as the channel being viewed is on that list when you re-enter the TV Guide, the list will continue to be selected. Changing to a channel not on the list or pressing Standby will reset the list back to All Channels.
    • The Go To prompt can now be shown at any time when playing back a recording by pressing the yellow button. Previously the Playback Banner showing the hint to press the yellow button had to be on-screen.
    • The TV Guide now indicates in the info area when a programme is running late, starting late or has started early.
    • Already recorded programmes are now always shown at full brightness in the TV Guide to make them easier to pick out.
    • The Guide to Icons and Program Your Remote sections have been updated in the Help menu.
    • When the T2-R is left unplugged from power and there are many scheduled recordings (particularly recurring series episodes) that do not take place, the T2-R could appear to be unresponsive to the remote control for some time after boot the next time it was plugged in. This is because it was processing all the failed recordings so that they could be indicated in the Recordings Menu. The T2-R now does this in the background and shows the “Loading Hard Drive & recording features” notification at the top of the screen until it’s ready.
    • Moved ‘Edit Protected Channels’ and ‘Show/Hide Protected Channels’ into their own ‘Protected Channels’ sub-menu of the Channels menu.
    • Replaced the Automatic Service Update behaviour:
      • The previous 1.06 release effectively performed a retune each night (‘Automatic Service Update’) to ensure that the T2-R was tuned to the strongest transmitters. However, this behaviour caused difficulties for some customers due to a phenomenon called tropospheric propagation that can cause distant signals to be temporarily boosted and travel long distances. It happens more often at night and is very prevalent in coastal areas and at times of high pressure. An affected customer would typically find that in the morning their box had retuned to a weaker transmitter and suddenly some channels have poor or no signal.
      • After discussion with Arqiva (who manage the UK’s broadcast infrastructure), we implemented improved behaviour on our latest T3-R model. This behaviour has now replaced the Automatic Service Update on the T2-R:
        • Most transmission changes (e.g. addition or removal of a channel on an existing Multiplex) are picked up automatically during use with no need for a retune.
        • When a major retune event (e.g. addition of a new multiplex) is signalled by the broadcasters, the T2-R will display a prompt to retune. This can be done straight away or postponed until convenient. Such retune events normally occur no more than once or twice a year.


      • Sky News video could be cropped incorrectly.
      • The instruction text in the Channels Editor (e.g. used for editing Favourites) could incorrectly say ‘select channel’ when it should say ‘deselect channel’ and vice versa.
      • After changing the sort in the recordings menu to ‘A-Z’ and playing back a recording, on returning to the recordings menu it would change to ‘By Date’.
      • The Schedule could continue showing split events as ‘Searching…’ even after they had finished airing.
      • When watching an SD channel, e.g. BBC ONE, then playing back a recording, if a recording on the corresponding HD channel (e.g. BBC ONE HD) started, playback would exit unexpectedly to live TV.
      • On Interactive Services without audio/video, pressing Fast Forward/Rewind/Skip Forward/Skip Backward would exit the interactive service.
      • Occasionally when holding the Left or Right buttons to quickly scroll through time in the TV Guide scrolling would unexpectedly stop.
      • When playback was paused and you pressed the Left button to skip back, playback would skip back and correctly resume but the Playback Banner would show the pause icon instead of the play icon.
      • When trying to set a recording that clashed with two other recordings, one of which was the second part of a split event, the system would fail to present the Recording Clash prompt and the event could not be booked.

      v1.06 Software Update

      Released 07/05/19


      • Resume was not always offered for playback of recordings in progress.
      • An issue that could cause the box to freeze and become unresponsive during the initialisation of the Hard Drive after boot.
      • An issue that could stop programmes being set to record that are on now on a service that does not broadcast 24/7 (e.g. BBC FOUR). The recording could only be scheduled after changing to a service on the same multiplex.


      • The file system has been updated to make it resilient to corruption caused by unexpected interruptions (e.g. power loss) during asynchronous data transfer.
      • Split recordings are now listed in their folder from oldest at the top to newest at the bottom. These are almost always movies in two parts, so the first part will be shown first followed by the second part.
      • When changing lists in the TV Guide it will continue to show the same time period instead of jumping back to what is on now.
      • Added the failed recording icon to the Icon Guide in the Help menu.

      v1.05 Software Update

      Released 27/12/18


      • When RF Loop Through in Standby was enabled in the System section of Settings, disturbances in the output could be observed for a few minutes after entering standby.
      • Lip sync issues with recorded and live paused content.
      • Random crash when subtitles are enabled.
      • A momentary disturbance in the picture and sound could be observed when playing back an in-progress recording of a live programme and the live programme finished.
      • When performing a manual tune, scheduled recordings would be removed on replaced services. 


      • The Automatic Service Update (ASU) previously took place every time the T2-R entered standby. It now takes place only once overnight.
      • The ASU algorithm has been improved so that existing services that are available from multiple transmitters are only replaced when their signal falls below a threshold.
      • The ASU can be disabled in the Tuning section of Settings.
      • In addition to Smart Retune, Full Retune can now be chosen from the Tuning section of Settings. The Full Retune completely removes the existing channel database and is necessary when the T2-R is moved to a new region (e.g. when moving home).
      • When there are regional variants of channels stored, e.g. BBC ONE NE at channel 1 and BBC ONE WALES at channel 800, the system will always prioritise the primary channel for recordings.
      • Split recordings (normally movies in 2 parts) now show the time after the date so the first part can be easily identified. Further improvements to come.
      • Copyright protection has been removed from the analogue output.

      v1.04 Software Update

      Released 02/11/18


      • Though this was thought fixed in 1.03, a further issue was discovered whereby seemingly randomly, channels or scheduled recordings could be removed during the Automatic Service Update in standby. This could happen in locations receiving signals from multiple transmitters with signal variations.
      • An issue that could make it impossible to set series recordings for some programmes. This happened when the T2•R received two regional variations of the same channel, e.g. BBC One SE at 1 and BBC One LON at 800. This did not affect channels with +1 (e.g. ITV & ITV+1) or HD alternatives (e.g. ITV & ITV HD), only regional variations.
      • Whilst a recording was in-progress, it was not possible to resume playback, only play it from the start again.
      • It was not possible to set an instant recording on a channel immediately after using an MHEG red button service on that channel. It was still possible to record from the Channel Banner or TV Guide.

      v1.03 Software Update

      Released 09/10/18


      • When changing lists in the TV Guide, the first channel on the list will always be highlighted.
      • Automatic trash removal now takes place in Standby. Previously this would take place after boot-up and could slow the system down if there was a lot to remove.
      • When a partial or failed series recording is re-recorded by the T2•R, the original recording will be deleted, unless it is in the process of being viewed.
      • The T2•R no longer checks for software updates being broadcast because the engineering channel used to broadcast them was shut down in March 2018. This means it is not possible to receive a software update with an aerial.


      • Fixed an issue whereby the volume could not be adjusted on non-HD channels when the ‘Audio Output’ in Picture & Sound Settings was set to ‘Surround’.
      • Fixed an issue whereby seemingly randomly, channels would be removed during the Automatic Service Update in standby. This could happen in locations receiving signals from multiple transmitters with signal variations. The issue could cause favourites and scheduled recordings to disappear.
      • Fixed an issue that could cause the audio to go out of sync in live pause mode after using fast forward or rewind.
      • Fixed an issue when using the T2-R with a Pioneer VSX-920-K AV receiver that caused the audio to be lost.
      • Fixed an issue that could cause intermittent video freezing/stuttering with high-bitrate HD recordings.
      • Fixed an issue that could cause the audio to lose sync when playing a recording.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented radio recordings being stopped.

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