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4 May • 6 min read

Easter may have come and gone in a flash, but we want to take a look at some of our favourite shows and characters that have been resurrected back onto our screens over the years. From cult 00’s favourites such as Big Brother getting a big old reboot later on this year, to iconic characters like Eastenders’ Dirty Den quite literally returning from the dead - let’s take a look at some fan-favourites that have been brought back from obscurity.

Someone call a Doctor

While we’re beyond excited to see Ncuti Gatwa breathe new life into this beloved character, it was hard not to be in awe of David Tennant’s epic comeback as The Doctor, with Russel T Davies as the writer to top it all off. The tenth Doctor will always go down in history as one of the most iconic and beloved. To see his revival just as Doctor Who started to lose popularity is truly a return like no other.

Not every show revives a singular character though, some return from the brink themselves. Who can forget the wonder that is Red Dwarf? The show saw massive popularity in its original run from 1988 to 1999, before losing its way for a while. Not to fret though, like any classic it’s cult following helped it rise from the ashes to blaze anew with its original cast in 2009, even having a tv film coming out in 2020. If you haven’t seen it, we suggest you do!

Back to Britain

There’s no way we’d make a list of the best comebacks to grace our screens without mentioning at least one soap. Whilst Dirty Den’s miraculous return back in 2007 was an iconic moment, Kathy Beale’s return to Walford during the show’s 30th anniversary was something no-one could have expected. The whole nation took a collective gasp when the beloved matriarch stepped foot back onto the Square during the 2015 special - and she hasn’t looked back since.

Another TV big league that is seeing a return is the famed reality TV series Big Brother. A 00’s classic that’s a British cultural phenomenon is set to grace our screens this coming autumn. In recent years reboots have become the norm, but nothing quite scratches that nostalgic itch like the bizarre hilarity that is Big Brother. Who doesn't love watching a group of people from all walks of life isolated together in a house under constant surveillance? With the extraordinary Emma Willis back in the driver's seat it is bound to be the reboot to beat all reboots.

Back from the dead

Characters rising from the grave is a tried and tested trope, whether they are returning from the beyond or just lying low, we all love to see a beloved face return. Take the much awaited return of Sherlock (BBC series of course) coming back from a supposed suicide. In true Sherlock fashion things were not as they seemed, as the detective initiated a complex plan to cheat death.

After leaving fans with baited breath for almost 2 years, the showrunners finally aired the beloved detective's triumphant return. While this moment may not have been the jaw dropping shock that other back-from-the-grave moments have been, it is one that is much beloved by fans worldwide..

Last and by no means least is the heart wrenching return of the legendary Vera Duckworth on Coronation Street. When the beloved character died in 2008 Corrie fans thought they had seen the last of her. Yet in 2010 Vera returned as a ghost to see her husband die and help him move into the light. In a tear jerking scene, you watch the two of them sharing one last dance before Jack passes away in his armchair.

There it is. Our top comebacks, but what do you think? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter about which reboots and comebacks you love and which you’d rather leave in the past.

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