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18 Apr • 7 min read

When we think of Freeview, it's easy to jump straight to the brilliant hit shows that grab everyone's attention. But with so many channels and a vast array of on-demand content, there's a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Join us as we uncover some of the most underrated and overlooked shows available on your Manhattan TV box

Daring dramas

Whether it be classics or something shiny and new, your Manhattan TV box has a whole treasure trove of dramas.

All 4’s Somewhere Boy is a fantastic tale of 18-year-old Danny, whose father has kept him locked up his whole life and then suddenly finds himself facing the outside world. This sobering drama by Peter Jackson has left us on the edge of our seats every episode and is brilliantly depicted by Lewis Gribben as Danny. It’s a show that you simply will not want to miss.

Another favourite underrated show we love is Back to Life, a hard hitting comedy-drama following Mira as she gets out of prison for murder, as she heads back to her small childhood seaside town. Written by Laura Solon and Daisy Haggard and starring the latter as Mira, this drama is not to be missed. While stoically comedic, it shows the realities of small town life and being an ex-con all wrapped up in classic British wit fashion.

Riveting reality

We all love a good dose of real life escapism whether it's watching the Real Housewives bicker or the soggy bottoms in the bakers tent. There is nothing quite like the best of British reality TV. Yet with all the choices, it's easy to miss some real hidden gems .

A brand spanking new series has caught our attention as of late, Loaded in Paradise. Picture this: a life of luxury on the sunny shores of Greece but there’s one catch, literally. If you are caught with the gold card by another contestant you lose it all and the winner takes it all.

What’s not to love about 10 Brits being dropped into Greece all fighting for one gold card with 50 grand on it? Watch them chase each other across the country from Athens to Mykonos trying to live the life of Plutus, the Greek god of wealth.

The Circle is not the most lowkey series on our list but in our opinion the UK version is in need of some attention. While the US may have borrowed the premise, nothing quite hits home like the OG. The Circle is a reality TV series where all contestant interactions take place on social media. See some players try and win the hearts and minds of the other contestants as themselves, while others use the opportunity to create a completely new persona and catfish as someone else.

Cunning comedies

Everyone loves a good laugh, we sure do. Yet some of our favourite comedies have gone woefully overlooked. Well not anymore! Here are some laugh out loud slapsticks for you to enjoy.

The Other One by Holly Walsh and Pippa Brown is a comedic story of two long lost half sisters who only find out about each other after their fathers passing. The two women (both called Catherine) are chalk and cheese and must learn to co-exist in each other's lives. With the hilarious acting of Lauren Socha playing Cat and Ellie White as Cathy to bring it to life, you’ll be in stitches as their story unfolds.

What about something a little different? The cult classic Crazy Head, first aired on Channel 4, sadly only ran for one season. But you can watch it with us as many times as you like. Crazy Head follows Amy and Raquel, two powerful women with the ability to see demons. Join them as they navigate life in their early 20s and kick some demon butt along with their seriously funny banter. Crazy Head is funny, smart and created by BAFTA award winning Howard Overman, what more could you want?

In search of something new? The Dry is a new Irish sitcom that is not to be missed. We’d describe it as the love child of Fleabag and This Way Up with just a pinch of that classic Peep Show awkwardness. Starring Roisin Gallagher as Shiv Sheridan, a recovering alcoholic trying to stay sober in a family of heavy drinkers, this fresh show will leave you laughing out loud and struggling not to binge the whole season.

A final spine-tinglingly funny comedy that deserves its weight in awards is the iconic Mitchell and Webb’s show Back. Their latest creation shows two estranged foster brothers after their father passes. With an all star comedy powerhouse cast, Back will leave you in stitches before the first episode has even finished. If you love Peep Show you will adore Back.

So there we go. Our favourite hidden gems. As always, we’d love to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter about which shows you love and which you think are the most underrated.

With so many options and so little time it is easy to miss gems like these but don't worry we’ve got you. Don’t miss a thing with Manhattan TV or if you are just lost on what to watch that’s fine too as we have countless brilliant options that you will love. Why not check out our product page to find out which products we have available to suit your needs.