Best Freeview shows of the year so far

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10 Aug • 5 min read

If you read our most recent blog - you’ll know that 2022 has been full to the brim with talking points. Whether it’s politics, showbiz or sport, we’re probably all a bit bored of seeing ‘breaking news’ appear on our screens.

So where do we go for a bit of respite? Most of us are turning to some tremendous telly and immersing ourselves in a different world entirely.

With that said, we’ve spent the last few days escaping the heat by diving into our archive to narrow down our picks of the best Freeview shows of the year so far.

Law unto themselves

When it comes to cop shows, no one does it better than us Brits. From The Sweeney, to The Bill, and Luther - our lineage of gripping police dramas is illustrious. 2022 has been no different. Bar a few murmurs on social media and a series of cryptic vignettes on ITV, we didn’t know an awful lot about Jed Mercurio’s latest offering - Trigger Point. What we did know however, is that whenever he teams up with Line of Duty star, Vicky McClure - we’re guaranteed a treat.

It didn’t disappoint either. Six episodes of wall-to-wall action with a plethora of knife-edge moments that might well have been too stressful for its Sunday night slot. Nevertheless, we were gripped from the offset.

From law enforcers, to law dodgers. Tommy Shelby and co. ensured that BBC’s Peaky Blinders did not disappoint with its big finale. The show drafted in the big guns for the final series, with the likes of Stephen Graham and Amber Anderson making appearances.

Full of grit 

As much as we love our favourite shows to act as a form of escapism, sometimes the best telly is soaked in reality. That’s exactly how we feel about The Split. Abi Morgan’s fantastically written script is brought to life by some of Britain’s finest actors in Nicola Walker and Stephen Mangan. Family feuds. Divorce. New relationships. Few shows tackle more relatable issues, while even fewer shows hit the nail so firmly on the head in their portrayal. We absolutely love it!

And if we’re talking gritty, it doesn’t get any more real than delving into the 97-hour working week of a junior doctor. 

That’s exactly what audiences are faced with the on-screen adaptation of Adam Kay’s best seller, This Is Going to Hurt. As well as the impact on his work life - This Is Going to Hurt delicately depicts the effects of being a front line worker on Kay’s home life.

Not over yet

There’s still so much great telly to come this year. Strictly is back on the horizon for its 20th series. Big Brother makes its highly anticipated return, debuting on ITV. Not to mention all of the cracking live sports available to watch for free still.

While the first half of the year has been fantastic, it’s safe to say the next few months are shaping up to be a real blockbuster.

So give yourself a break from the 24hr news agenda, make yourself a cuppa and get stuck into the best British telly has to offer for the rest of 2022.