News like never before: Manhattan TV’s guide to biggest news stories of 2022

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18 Jul • 6 min read

Not a single day goes by where there isn’t a breaking news story that gets the country talking. From Number 10 shenanigans, to showbiz gossip - tabloid columns, social media feeds and newsrooms have never been more inundated with stories to report.

So, since we’ve passed the halfway mark of the year, we thought we’d revisit some of the biggest news stories of 2022. From the heart-breaking events in Ukraine, to Partygate, to that Oscars slap, this year has already served up talking points that have left the nation glued to their screens.

Here are our picks for the top news stories from the year so far:

Heart-breaking scenes

Most of us couldn’t have predicted the terrible events that have transpired between Russia and Ukraine this year. Despite almost five months of daily updates from the destruction caused by the war, it’s still every bit as harrowing and heart-breaking as when the news first broke.

Needless to say, it’s been tough to watch at times. But what’s also been telling from the constant news coverage has been the outpouring of love and solidarity from the rest of the world. Be it touching stories of countries opening up their borders for Ukrainian refugees, or school children from around the world sharing their heart-warming fundraising ideas - we’ve seen a truly horrific situation highlight the more positive sides of humankind.

Party’s over

You’d be forgiven for thinking Downing Street had been converted into one big newsroom. From corrupt cake eating through to more sinister and serious allegations of lying, misogyny and bullying, it’s hard to recall a time when the media had such a feast of stories to enjoy from the corridors of power.

Will the resignation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister bring on a period of relative quiet? We doubt it. The unassuming black door of Number 10 will continue to be on our screens and in our papers, we just hope for more enlightening reasons than what we’ve endured the last six months.

There’s no business like show business

Live telly is always unpredictable. But when the Oscars rolled around in March, no-one could have predicted the jaw-dropping shenanigans between Will Smith and host Chris Rock. Not even events in our recent Shock to the system: British TV's biggest OMG moments piece can quite live up to a live bust-up between two Hollywood A-listers, resulting in one hell of a slap at the biggest event in the showbiz calendar.

We still can’t quite believe what took place and it’s safe to say this story brought shockwaves to the entertainment industry all over the world. Was it a set up? Was it genuine? Both parties have since done their best to quash the situation but we’re confident this will be on repeat in 2023 in the run up to next year’s lavish event.

Game, set and match

There’s no denying we’ve had more than our fair share of sporting news this year. Whether it’s the fantastic action from Women’s EURO 2022, where dare we say - it might actually be coming home. Or last weekend’s climax to Wimbledon, where Elena Rybakina and Novak Djokovic triumphed in their respective single’s finals. We’ve been spoiled by athletes right at the very top of their fields putting on spectacles in the quest for sporting glory.

As well as live sport, Freeview has remained a great place to catch up on any missed action. Match of the Day continues to go from strength to strength over on the BBC and Channel 4’s F1 highlights always do a stellar job of capturing the action and drama with their coverage. So all in all, it’s been a pretty decent year for sporting news already, don’t you think?

You know what we think, but we want to hear what you have to say. What news stories captured your attention this year? As always, you can find us via email, Twitter or Facebook to get in touch.