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Manhattan SX Freesat HD Box

The simplest way to watch subscription-free satellite TV. Enjoy over 170 Freesat channels with 20+ in stunning HD.

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    Not necessarily - older televisions might still require an external box to access Freeview, particularly if you want to watch channels in HD. And while modern TVs will connect to Freeview directly, they’re not always easy to use, the TV guide is hidden behind a screen of apps and it’s impossible to find the channels you actually want to watch.

    Our boxes are different. They’re beautifully simple to use and put you in control, meaning nothing gets in the way of you watching the shows you love. And best of all, they're subscription free meaning you never have to pay a penny to access any of the services we provide.

    On-demand services like iPlayer and All 4 gives you online access to the best current shows and highlights from each channel’s back catalogue. They’re amazing services, but require a steady internet connection and many of the shows are only available for a limited time. Our T3-R and T2-R boxes offer the simplest way to record shows as they air and keep them forever - letting you watch your favourites again and again. They also let you use our Live Pause feature - meaning you can pause shows in real time and never miss a moment - and even skip back in time to really take in what’s happened in your favourite moments.

    Having both gives you complete control over your viewing experience - letting you save shows for later, while also being able to pick something new to watch on a whim.

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    “The T3-R gives you a premium Freeview Play experience without the matching price-tag”

    Expert Reviews - Best Freeview Boxes 2019, Aug 2019  

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