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The picture and sound keep breaking up or there is no signal

Possible Causes & Solutions

Weak signal from your aerial.

Check your sig­nal by press­ing HOME and select­ing Inform­a­tion. If it’s weak or not present, get a pro­fes­sion­al to check your install­a­tion – your aer­i­al may provide a bet­ter sig­nal if it is realigned or moved some­where else. We don’t recom­mend using an indoor aer­i­al. As a last resort, try using a sig­nal amp­li­fi­er or boost­er to improve reception.

Some TV aerials installed with a signal amplifier need a power supply from the TV box.

Activ­ate the T4‑R’s +5V DC sup­ply by going to: Set­tings > Sys­tem > 5V Antenna Power.