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T4•R Troubleshooting

No picture or sound from the __short_model__

Possible Causes & Solutions

The HDMI cable may be disconnected.

Check the HDMI con­nec­tions between the short-mod­el and your TV.

The input the T4-R is connected to may not be selected on your TV.

Select the cor­rect HDMI input (see your TV’s manu­al for guidance).

Your TV may not correctly communicate the resolutions it is capable of and an incompatible resolution may be selected.

Turn the T4‑R on and wait 30 seconds. Press HOME. Press and hold 0’ for 5 seconds. The T4‑R will try each res­ol­u­tion for 15 seconds: 1080p then 1080i then 720p. Select Con­firm when you see a picture.

The picture and sound keep breaking up or there is no signal

Possible Causes & Solutions

Weak signal from your aerial.

Check your sig­nal by press­ing HOME and select­ing Inform­a­tion. If it’s weak or not present, get a pro­fes­sion­al to check your install­a­tion – your aer­i­al may provide a bet­ter sig­nal if it is realigned or moved some­where else. We don’t recom­mend using an indoor aer­i­al. As a last resort, try using a sig­nal amp­li­fi­er or boost­er to improve reception.

Some TV aerials installed with a signal amplifier need a power supply from the TV box.

Activ­ate the T4‑R’s +5V DC sup­ply by going to: Set­tings > Sys­tem > 5V Antenna Power.

No signal after moving home

Possible Causes & Solutions

The new home is in a different transmission area.

Select: Set­tings > Chan­nels > Auto Retune > Retune & Clear Preferences

The __short_model__ switches off after 3 hours

Possible Causes & Solutions

By default the short-model is set to go to standby after 3 hours without interaction.

Turn Auto Standby off or select a dif­fer­ent dur­a­tion in: Set­tings > Sys­tem > Standby Options.

You've forgotten your PIN

Possible Causes & Solutions

You've forgotten it or someone has changed it.

Your PIN can be reset with the mas­ter PIN. Please con­tact us.

Loop Out doesn't work in Standby

Possible Causes & Solutions

The Loop Out in Standby setting is not turned on.

Turn it on in: Set­tings > Sys­tem > Standby Options.

Video in apps buffers, stutters or stops altogether

Possible Causes & Solutions

Your broadband is not fast enough. A minimum of 3Mbps is recommended for internet video. Faster broadband may still be affected by usage from other devices, reducing the speed available for the T4-R.

Check your broad­band speed with your inter­net pro­vider and try run­ning an online speed test on a com­puter or mobile device. If the speed you are get­ting is less than expec­ted there may be oth­er devices on your net­work using band­width. Try dis­con­nect­ing them.

Your T4-R is using your Wi-Fi at the same time as too many other devices.

Dis­con­nect oth­er devices from your Wi-Fi or con­nect your T4‑R to your inter­net router with an Eth­er­net cable.

The Wi-Fi signal from your internet router is poor. You can check the Wi-Fi signal by going to: Settings > Internet.

Try adjust­ing the loc­a­tion of your Wi-Fi router and/​or its antenna(s). Also try mov­ing the T4‑R itself. Altern­at­ively, con­nect your T4‑R to your inter­net router with an Eth­er­net cable.

The __short_model__ does not respond to the __short_model__ remote

Possible Causes & Solutions

The front of the short-model is obstructed.

Ensure the front of the short-mod­el is not obstructed.

Batteries are weak.

Replace bat­ter­ies in the short-mod­el remote.

They have been programmed to control the volume of another device.

Reset your short-mod­el remote by fol­low­ing the instruc­tions in Reset­ting Your Remote on page 17.