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HD channels are transmitted with Dolby Digital audio. If you cannot hear any sound on HD channels, it is likely that your TV does not support Dolby Digital but Dolby Digital is set to 'On' in the Sound section of the Settings menu. Change the setting to 'Off' to resolve the issue.

The HDR-S has a power-saving feature called 'Auto Standby' that takes place after three hours when no buttons have been pressed on the remote control or front panel. This can be turned off in the General section of the Settings menu.

Updates for the HDR-S can be found in the 'Software Updates' section above. Before downloading, please check the software version displayed in the Information menu of your HDR-S to determine if it is up to date. To do so, press MENU and then choose the 'Information' option.

Updated are provided in a 'zip' file that contains the main upgrade folder, a PDF with updating instructions and another one with release notes about the update. (Zip files are used because they pack one or more computer files into a single file or folder which takes up less space).

To 'unzip' the file and extract the contents using Windows, right click on the file and choose the option to 'Extract All'. On a Mac, simply double click the file. You may find it more convenient to do this after copying the zip file to your Desktop.

After extracting the files, follow the updating instructions in the included PDF

A software update may not be being broadcast. When a software update is broadcast, it is for a limited time period of up to a few months. If your device is unplugged or unused during that period, it may not pick up the update. Also, please note that only critical software updates are broadcast. Non-critical updates for the HDR-S are released as USB downloads.

There are three possible issues:

  1. The USB stick is not compatible with the receiver
  2. The USB device is not formatted using the FAT32 filesystem
  3. The USB device does not contain the correct upgrade folder

If you're having difficulties, contact us and we will send you a USB pre-loaded with the software via normal post.

Your PIN can be reset using the master PIN. In order to protect minors, we don't publish the master PIN, so please contact us and we will give it to you.

Once you have the master PIN, go to the System section of the Settings menu and choose the 'Change Parental PIN' option. When it asks for your PIN, enter the Master PIN and then follow the on-screen instructions to create a new one

Please follow these steps:

  1. Press the LIST button to display the main channel list
  2. Highlight the channel that is showing a lock icon against it
  3. Press the green button and then enter your PIN

If you have lost/forgotten your PIN, please see the question above for information about how to reset it.

No, you cannot effectively split a satellite signal.

A universal LNB can't handle all the signals at once from a satellite. There are two bands (high and low) and two polarisations (vertical and horizontal). A single feed can only provide one combination of band (e.g. high) and polarisation (e.g. vertical) at any time. You can't have two tuners on one cable trying to send conflicting control signals to a LNB. Only one can have control (the one connected to the splitter leg with DC pass). The second tuner will be able to access only channels in the same band and polarisation as the controlling tuner has switched the LNB to. The other channels will simply appear to be receiving no signal. As channels on Freesat are spread across both bands and frequencies, it is simply not practical to use a splitter with the HDR-S.

If you only have one cable from your dish, the LNB of your dish must be upgraded to provide twin outputs and the second output must be connected to the second input of the HDR-S

Unfortunately this is outside of our control as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player have been discontinued by the BBC and ITV for first generation Freesat devices. Please contact Freesat for more information.

These apps were never made available for first generation Freesat devices.

Your manufacturer may not have programmed the remote control with the ability to control the HDR-S. Universal Electronics have programmed their Universal Remote to control the HDR-S using the code SAT 3827.

Freesat services are mostly broadcast from the Astra 2E satellite at 28.2°East. This satellite is targeted at the UK and ensures good reception on the smaller dish sizes typically in use by Freesat users. However, for viewers in continental Europe, reception will be limited as they are outside the footprint of the satellite. Freesat is and has always been intended for viewers in the UK only. For more information, please contact Freesat on 0345 313 0051.

v1.5.3 Software Update

Released 06/06/2015

  • Fixed an intermittent issue with some UHD TVs (e.g. Sony Bravia KD-49X8505B) causing the receiver to stop responding.
  • Updated the ‘Signal Check’ during Installation to scan for the Freesat Home Transponder in case its location changes in the future. Please see the below notes.

Download the Plaza HDR-S v1.5.3 software update

Previous Releases

v1.4.0 (from v1.2.6)

  • This update resolves an intermittent audio issue when using the MUTE and live pause functions.

v1.2.6 (from v1.1.1)


  • When playback of a recording is completed, the user is returned to the library with the recording selected, rather than back to the top of the library

  • When watching a recording, pressing the BACK or LIB button returns to the currently playing recording in the library

  • Changed Step 2/5 in first time installation to show both tuners signal. Also a warning popup is displayed if no signal is detected on LNB IN 2 and you proceed with the installation

  • Changed hard disk error waring prompt to make it clearer on how to recover the operation of the hard disk

  • Series linked programmes only display in folders when there is more than one episode recorded

Fixes for Recording and Library issues including:

  • Adding or removing of reminders in the Schedule
  • Endless recordings
  • Series recordings will always be made from the original channel the recording was made on
  • Random crash when a number of overlapping/conflicting recordings are scheduled
  • Failed recordings issue caused by box going into standby when a recording is imminent

Further fixes:

  • Assorted stability fixes
  • Sequential channel change issue caused by a bug in the favourites list functionality 
  • Updated HDMI driver to solve problem where occasionally TV screen went blank on coming out of standby when connected to Sony TV’s via HDMI

v1.1.1 (from v1.0.7)

  • Updated tuner driver to improve tuner lock and performance.
  • Fixed intermittent selection of wrong session when changing channel with low or no signal.
  • HD simulcast recordings with invalid event information are now disallowed (stability improvement).
  • Fixes for various record clash errors.

v1.0.7 (from v1.0)

  • During first time install and tune, Tuner 2 now defaults to the same Transponder as Tuner 1, allowing a proper comparison of the signal levels for both tuners.
  • Following first time install, if the box is turned on from Low Power Standby (Low Power Standby is after 10 min of switching to standby) Tuner 2 will then default to freesat’s home Transponder or to the next channel that is scheduled for a reminder or recording.
  • Fixes for the interactive channel 908 “The Space”

User Guide

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