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  • Can I connect the T3 to a TV without HDMI?

    No, the T3 can only be connected to TVs with HDMI.

  • Why does loop out (also known as loop through) not work in standby?

    In order to meet EU energy regulations, loop out is disabled in standby in order to conserve energy. It can be turned on in the System section of the Settings menu. Press SETTINGS and go to: System > Loop Out in Standby. Please see p15 of the User Guide for more information.

  • Why is the screen blank and I can't hear anything?

    There are a few possible reasons.

    Your T3 is not connected properly

    Ensure your aerial is connected to your T3 and an HDMI cable is connected from your T3 to your TV.

    When your T3 is turned on, the LED on the front is blue.

    The correct input on your TV is not selected

    Press the GUIDE button on your remote control. This displays the TV Guide, making it easy to tell when you find the right input.

    To change inputs, most TV remotes use a button labelled ‘AV’, ‘SOURCE’, ‘INPUT’, or with a TV icon and arrow. Each press should cycle through your inputs. Check your TV's manual if necessary.

    Once you find the input displaying the TV Guide, press EXIT and check if live TV is working. Try changing to BBC 1 by pressing '1' on the remote control. If the T3 says there is No Signal, you may have a problem with your aerial. To retune:

    • Press SETTINGS
    • Select 'Settings'
    • Select 'Tuning'
    • Select 'Retune' and follow the on-screen instructions

    An incompatible HDMI resolution has been selected

    If you are using HDMI, the T3 may be set to an HDMI resolution that your TV does not support:

    • Normally the T3 is set to auto detect the HDMI resolution but this can fail with some TVs.
    • The T3 can also be manually set to a resolution in the Picture & Sound section of the Settings menu. This could cause an issue if you set a resolution (e.g. 1080p), then move the T3 to another TV that doesn't support that resolution.

    The T3 can automatically cycle through the available resolutions until you find one that works:

    • Turn the T3 on and wait 30 seconds.

    • Press HOME.

    • Press & Hold ‘0’ for 5 seconds.

    • The T3 will try each of the 3 HD resolutions for 15 seconds in this order: 1080p, 1080i and 720p. Select ‘Confirm’ when you can see the picture.

  • Why is my Manhattan T3 not tuning all the channels? Why are some channels not working?

    It is likely that the signal from your TV aerial is weak. Indoor aerials are particularly poor and extremely sensitive to direction, meaning they will often tune some channels when placed in one position and a whole different set when placed in another. If you have an outdoor aerial, it may not be aligned correctly to receive signals from your local transmitter.

    If you've moved your T3 to a new location (e.g. you've moved house), you should try retuning:

    • Press SETTINGS
    • Select 'Channels'
    • Select 'Retune' and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Why there is no sound on HD channels?

    HD channels are broadcast with Dolby Digital audio. If you cannot hear any sound on HD channels, it is likely that your TV does not support Dolby Digital but Surround Sound is selected in the Picture & Sound section of the Settings menu. Change the 'Audio Output' setting to 'Stereo PCM' to resolve the issue.

  • How do I reset my PIN? I've lost/forgotten it.

    Your PIN can be reset using the master PIN. In order to protect minors, we don't publish the master PIN, so please contact us and we will give it to you.

    Once you have the master PIN, go to the PIN section of the Settings menu and choose the 'Change PIN' option. When it asks for your PIN, enter the Master PIN and then follow the instructions to create a new one.

  • Why does my Manhattan T3 switch off by itself?

    The T3 has a power-saving feature called 'Auto Standby' that takes place after three hours when no buttons have been pressed on the remote control or front panel. The duration can be changed or Auto Standby can be turned off altogether by pressing MENU and going to: Settings > System > Auto Standby

  • Why does pressing the volume or mute buttons on my T3 remote not affect the volume?

    They may have been programmed to control the volume of another device. You can reset your T3 remote by following the instructions in ‘Reset Your Remote’ on page 17 of the Get Started Guide.

    If you see the message "Volume controls are disabled for channels with Dolby Digital audio", this happens because HD channels are broadcast with Dolby Digital audio and the T2-R is passing through the audio unaltered as required by Dolby. Dolby's expectation is that the volume be adjusted on the final output device – i.e. your TV or AV receiver.

    If you want to adjust the volume on your T2-R, change 'Audio Output' in the Picture & Sound section of the Settings menu to 'Stereo PCM'. The T2-R will the decode the Dolby Digital audio and output stereo audio instead.

  • Why is video in apps buffering, stuttering or stopping altogether?

    Apps require a minimum broadband speed of 3Mbps to stream video reliably. Even if you have a faster connection, e.g. 16Mbps, other devices may be using it at the same time and reducing the speed available to the T3.

    If you are using Wi-Fi, you can check your Wi-Fi signal by pressing SETTINGS and selecting 'Internet'. Even if the signal is good, it is still dependent on your broadband speed being fast enough. Also, too many other devices may be using your Wi-Fi at the same time and/or large downloads may be taking place, for example if your computer is performing a software update.

    If your Wi-Fi signal is poor, try adjusting the location of your Wi-Fi router and/or its antenna(s). You can also try moving the T3 itself. Alternatively, instead of using Wi-Fi, connect your T3 to your internet router with an Ethernet cable.

There is no software update available for the T3 at this time.

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