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Due to some recent changes in transmission by Freesat, some channels have moved to a different transponder. To receive these channels, re-tune your receiver using the following steps. (Please note that these steps are for the DS-100, not the DS-100A).

  1. Press MENU, highlight 'Settings' then press OK.
  2. Highlight 'First Time Install' then press OK.
  3. Enter your PIN. Press OK when the 'Perform Install' screen is displayed
  4. The box will reset and display the Freesat Install screen with a signal bar at the bottom. Check there is signal and then press OK to continue.
  5. When the Network ID and Transport ID have been found and are displayed, press OK.
  6. Enter your postcode using the number buttons and press OK.
  7. Select your screen type and press OK.

The DS-100 will start scanning and display its progress. When it finishes, the menu will close automatically and show channel 101 BBC One.

The DS-100 has a power-saving feature called 'Auto Standby' that takes place after three hours when no buttons have been pressed on the remote control or front panel. This can be turned off in the Settings menu.

There may be a problem with your dish or the cable connecting your dish to your DS-100. If some channels are working and not others, this may be because the channels have moved and your DS-100 needs to be retuned. Please see the question above for how to do this.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Press the MENU button on your remote control and check if the Main Menu is displayed. If it is, you know that you have the correct input on your TV selected, and there is most likely a tuning issue. Please see the question "Why are some channels missing?" above. If you cannot see the Main Menu, continue with these steps.
  2. Check your TV is turned on and the correct input is selected. Most TV remotes use a button labelled ‘AV’, ‘SOURCE’, ‘INPUT’ or using a TV icon and arrow, with each press cycling through your inputs.
  3. When you find the input your DS-100 is connected to, press the EXIT button to exit the Main Menu and try changing channel to BBC 1 by entering '101' on your remote.
  4. If there is no video, there is most likely a tuning issue. Please see the question "Why are some channels missing?" above.

If you still have problems, please contact us for further assistance.

Sorry, we only manufacture the set top box and we do not have installation engineers. Please contact a local installer in your area.

Your PIN can be reset using the master PIN. In order to protect minors, we don't publish the master PIN, so please contact us and we will give it to you.

Once you have the master PIN, please follow these steps:

  1. Press MENU, highlight 'Settings' then press OK.
  2. Highlight 'Parental Settings' then press OK.
  3. Highlight 'Change Lock Code' then press OK and follow the on-screen instructions.

When watching TV, each press of the SUB button turns subtitles On or Off and displays a notification on-screen.

No, Freesat receivers cannot be used for Sky TV.

Non-Freesat Channels are explained in detail in section 5 of the User Guide, starting on page 41. The User Guide can be downloaded from the 'User Guides' section above.

If you need to know what frequencies to scan for Non-Freesat channels, you could try the popular Lyngsat website at:

There are two possible reasons for a beep/bleep noise:

  1. The DS-100 has a Setting called 'Key Beep' that causes a small beeping noise whenever a button on the remote control is pressed. This can be turned off in the Settings menu.
  2. When Audio Description is on, the DS-100 will beep to indicate programmes that have Audio Description. When watching TV, you can turn off Audio Description by pressing the AD button

There is no software update available for the Plaza DS-100.

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