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To add a remind­er for an upcom­ing pro­gramme, high­light it and press OK. To can­cel the remind­er, press OK again while the pro­gramme is high­lighted. You can find all your remind­ers in the Sched­uled sec­tion of Record­ings.

Remind­ers alert you shortly before a pro­gramme begins. By default, remind­ers are shown only when the T4•R is act­ive and not in standby. To watch the pro­gramme, select Watch before the remind­er count­down ends. If not selec­ted in time, the remind­er will be can­celled and the chan­nel will not change.

There’s a set­ting called Remind­er Auto Watch that you can change by press­ing HOME and going to Set­tings > Sys­tem. When enabled, the T4•R will auto­mat­ic­ally switch on from standby for the remind­er and change to the appro­pri­ate chan­nel. If the T4•R is already act­ive, remind­ers will appear as nor­mal, with the chan­nel chan­ging auto­mat­ic­ally once the count­down ends.