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To pause or resume play­back, press either or OK. There are mul­tiple ways to con­trol and nav­ig­ate your recordings:

  • Seek­ing: Press or to rewind or fast for­ward, increas­ing the speed with each press. Press the oppos­ite but­ton to decrease the speed.
  • Short Skips: Press to skip back 10 seconds or to skip for­ward 30 seconds. To change the inter­vals, go to: Set­tings > Record­ings & Play­back > Play­back Options.
  • Large Leaps: Hold or to jump in incre­ments of 10% of the recording.
  • Go To Spe­cif­ic Time: Press to open the Go To menu. Use the num­ber but­tons to enter a spe­cif­ic time, or press again to restart playback.

To stop play­back and return to Record­ings, press or EXIT. By default, record­ings in folders will play con­tinu­ously through, but this can be changed by going to: Set­tings > Record­ing & Play­back > Play­back Options.