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Your T4•R can record two pro­grammes at the same time as you watch a third chan­nel with live pause. If you try to record more than two pro­grammes at once, the T4•R will alert you and provide options to resolve the clash, includ­ing altern­at­ive broad­casts if available.

To view and man­age your record­ings, sched­uled record­ings and remind­ers, open Record­ings from the Home Screen or press RECS on your T4•R remote. The menu is divided into cat­egor­ies dis­played as tabs across your screen. The Sched­uled cat­egory is always shown, while oth­ers appear when they con­tain record­ings. To get around, use the dir­ec­tion­al pad to nav­ig­ate between cat­egor­ies and recordings.

The main cat­egor­ies are:

  • Sched­uled: Your planned record­ings and reminders.
  • All: A com­plete list of all your recordings.
  • Con­tin­ue: Record­ings or series you’re in the middle of watching.
  • Series: Record­ings that are part of a series.
  • Kept: Record­ings you’ve chosen to keep, that won’t be deleted automatically. 
  • Recently Deleted: Deleted record­ings that can be recovered.

Addi­tion­ally, genres like Movies, Sport and Kids will appear as cat­egor­ies when there are one or more record­ings in that genre.

Record­ings from a series or pro­grammes split into mul­tiple parts are auto­mat­ic­ally organ­ised into folders. To play a record­ing or open a folder, press OK. If you’ve pre­vi­ously star­ted watch­ing, you’ll have the option to resume or restart playback.