Knowledge Base

Accessibility Options

Zoom Menus

Press ZOOM on your T4•R remote to enlarge menus for easi­er view­ing. To return to nor­mal size, press ZOOM again.

Accessibility Settings & Menu Preferences

Press HOME and select Set­tings to cus­tom­ise access­ib­il­ity and menu pref­er­ences. Choose Access­ib­il­ity & Lan­guage for Sub­titles and Audio Descrip­tion options, and Menu Pref­er­ences to adjust menu trans­par­ency, the default TV Guide view and more.

Filter Programmes

All menus allow you to fil­ter pro­grammes by Sub­titles, Audio Descrip­tion or Sign Lan­guage. The cur­rent fil­ter status is dis­played on-screen along­side a hint to press to show fil­ter options. By default, fil­ters are cleared after the T4•R enters standby. To change this, press HOME and go to: Set­tings > Menu Pref­er­ences > Clear Fil­ters Auto­mat­ic­ally.

Subtitles & Audio Description

While watch­ing TV, press S/AD, then select the on-screen option to turn Sub­titles or Audio Descrip­tion on or off.