Why the Manhattan T3 isn’t on sale right now

If you’ve tried to buy a T3 recently, you may have noticed they are listed on our website and our main retail partners as being out of stock.

Sadly, this isn’t by choice.

You may have seen news reports about there being a global shortage of chipsets - impacting everything from the development of smartphones and cars through to games consoles and yes, TV boxes.

As an independent British business, this global supply shortage has had a disproportionate impact on our ability to source the chipsets we need and forced us to make difficult choices about our manufacturing priorities for the coming year. Based on our estimated supply levels, we couldn’t guarantee getting enough chips to keep the T3 and T3-R on sale throughout 2021. While we explored a range of alternatives, we were unable to come up with a suitable alternative in the necessary timeframe.

So we had to make a tough choice about which box we wanted to guarantee a steady supply of. And based on sales data and customer feedback, we decided to prioritise a steady pipeline of T3-R boxes - which means we won’t be manufacturing any more T3s for the foreseeable future.

That doesn't mean we’re abandoning the T3 - we plan to bring it back as soon as possible.

We’re sure you have questions about this - here’s everything we can tell you.

How soon will this be resolved?

That’s out of our hands. While we’re working with our manufacturing partners to source more chips, ultimately as long as there’s a global supply shortage, the T3 will continue to miss out.

Are any of your other products affected?

In the short-term - no. We’re confident we have enough supply secured to meet demand for our other boxes.

I’m an existing customer - does this affect me?

Not at all. We plan to continue updating the T3 with features throughout the year - starting with the long awaited addition of BritBox. We’ll also be selling the box again as soon as our supply issues are sorted, so think of this as a holiday, rather than goodbye.

Any other questions?

Get in touch with our support team or drop us a line on Twitter.