Enjoy 85+ channels of free TV

Watch and record your favourite British TV for free

Freeview HD Boxes let you watch all the British TV you love for free, with over 85 channels. And if you choose a box with a built-in recorder, you can save your favourite shows to watch again and again.

Just so you know, Freeview HD Boxes won't give you catch-up TV services like iPlayer and ITV Hub. If you want these, take a look at our super-smart Freeview Play range.

You'll need a standard aerial (rooftop is best).

Manhattan T2•R
Freeview HD Recorder

The simplest way to record, pause and rewind the very best of British TV.

Manhattan T1
Freeview HD Box

The simplest way to watch your favourite shows in HD.

Love for our

“Didn’t need the instructions, plug in, search for channels and off you go!”

Pinta’s customer review of the Manhattan T1 May 2019