TV blunders: where would we be without them?

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19 Apr • 6 min read

Admit it, there are few things funnier than a TV blunder. Whether it’s a live slip-up, or an outtake from one of your most beloved pre-recorded classics. We just can’t get enough of seeing our favourite actors and TV personalities make an untimely gaffe.

If you think You’ve Been Framed is funny - then just wait until you hear about these equally comical errors played out on live television. It’s a winning formula!

Something about the weather

Before smartphone apps, we relied on the news as our main source for weather updates. Morning, afternoon and evening slots of these much-respected Met Office reporters giving us the lowdown as we hung onto their every word. Serious business then, right? Well, not always.

There's a long lineage of weather blunders from over the years and they simply never fail to leave us stitches. What appeared to be a regular news update back in August 2016 turned into something of folklore. As the experienced and well-established weather reporter, Louise Lear, burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter during this hilarious BBC segment, which lasted almost two minutes.

The cause of Louise’ giggles were never really uncovered and this still remains one of the funniest snippets we’ve ever witnessed on a live news broadcast.

Head over heels - literally

Firstly, we must point out that none of the people we’re about to mention were seriously injured in these clips. Apart from some hurt pride and a bruised ego or two.

There was seemingly something in the air back in 2016. Because just a couple of months before Louise Lear’s giggles, John Barrowman had Loose Women viewers in stitches.

The panel were getting ready to debate whether men could walk in high heels as easily as women traditionally can, before being left well and truly gobsmacked.

Barrowman pulls his legs from underneath the table to reveal a shiny, red pair of heels. But cheers quickly led to a stunned silence when the Torchwood actor flipped off his chair leaving his legs sprawled in the air.

If you haven’t seen it yet, stop what you’re doing and follow the link above. It’s unlikely you’ll see a funnier live blunder. From the flailing red heels, to Eamon and Ruth trying to contain their laughter as the camera goes back to them. Everything about this clip is pure slapstick comedy at its finest. But what makes it even better is that it was all totally unplanned.

Fans of this might also remember Madonna’s infamous Brits fall just a year earlier. While no one can doubt the incredible career Madge has had - this definitely wasn’t the legend’s finest hour. But despite being dragged to the floor by her cloak in spectacular fashion, Madonna was every inch the seasoned pro when she quickly rose to her feet and pretended that nothing happened. And while the singer may have erased the tumble from her memory - there’s no way we could!

Live and direct

When Eastenders celebrated their 30th anniversary with a live special back in 2015, many were sceptical about how the high octane action would thrive in a one-take setting. And although the results were a huge success on the whole - there are one or two memorable gaffes that have gone down in folklore.

From Jack Branning completely fumbling his lines, to Bradley’s fingers clearly moving despite being pronounced ‘dead’. But perhaps the most amusing was Tanya referring to Ian Beale by his off-screen name. A mistake so quick, you’d have missed it if you blinked. What made the mistake so hilarious though was how quickly it caused the scene to descend into chaos. The camera suddenly appeared shaky, and both actors looked to be completely lost for words for what felt like an eternity. Definitely one of the more memorable moments from such an iconic episode and without a doubt, one of our favourites!

Which TV blunders have we missed? We’d love to hear your shouts! As always, you can reach us via email, Twitter or Facebook.