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22 Dec • 6 min read

We’ve all been there, in the office, at the pub or even just with younger members of your family. Everyone’s waxing lyrical about a drama they caught on the telly last night, or a new sitcom that everyone you follow on Twitter won’t stop quoting. And rather than admit that you haven’t seen it, you fumble around for a shred of info relevant to the conversation at hand. And you’re far from alone - a recent survey by the Radio Times revealed 52% of Brits would rather lie and say they’ve seen a show then admit they missed out!

It’s understandable if you’re feeling like this as Christmas approaches - every family has their favourite genres and shows and there’s nothing worse than watching everyone else talk about something you’ve not seen. But, fear not - thanks to the magic of catch-up TV there’s still time to catch up on the year’s best telly. Here’s the shows every home will be discussing this Christmas - all available on your T3-R.

An Audience with Adele

If by some miracle you weren’t sitting on the sofa with a glass of red and some chocolates on Sunday 21st November singing along to An Audience with Adele - then there’s still time. The hype might have died down slightly, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t one of the most compelling pieces on TV we’ve seen this year.

All the old hits, plus some of the new tracks (that are already hits!). What more could you want? And we haven’t even mentioned the unforgettable cameos from Emma Thompson and Alan Carr…

It’s a Sin

Few shows have garnered a more overwhelmingly positive response than It’s a Sin has, and deservedly so. It’s a shoe-in for every best of 2021 telly roundup and the only negative thing we can say about it is that there were only six episodes! It was delicate, but hard-hitting. And dark, yet so full of laughter and happiness. Even if you saw it the first time around back in January - it’s definitely worth watching again.

The cast, starring Olly Alexander created an extraordinary piece of television that has already proved its timelessness. So make sure you catch this classic before the end of the year.

Line of Duty

Despite being overshadowed by its finale, which was dismissed as anticlimactic by fans and defended vehemently by Jed Mercurio, we mustn’t forget the seismic grip the show’s final season had on the nation. Line of Duty’s sixth series was just as tight and knotty as ever. And it absolutely wiped the floor with everything else on television to pieces. Sixteen million people watched its final episode back in May. In 2021, that’s incredible.

Whether we see a reprise in 2022 or not, it’s safe to say this iconic drama won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon. A total must-see!


Jimmy McGovern’s hard-hitting, and at times, hard-to-watch look at prison life was seen predominantly through the eyes of former teacher Mark Cobden (Sean Bean), who was serving his first stretch for manslaughter. Bean’s performance was a masterclass in nuance, communicated mainly through silence and shuffles on the wing – and it made for even more daunting television.

McGovern opted for a show, not tell approach which left viewers all the more stunned by the tribulations of those involved in our justice system. A brilliant three-parter which was capped off by the equally brilliant, Stephen Graham. We simply implore you to check this out.


How could we forget this one? Over the years, Unforgotten has turned into one of the finest shows on British television - with the fourth season pulling off the complicated trick of being just as compelling as the very first episode. Each watch was perfectly poised and plotted, satisfyingly complex without being absurd, and the intertwined web of characters always felt real as they juggled their many issues.

The beauty of this fine work of art is that even when they seem to have been caught bang to rights, the viewer is always presented with a culprit or guilty party that is relatable more importantly - human. The show just won’t be the same without Nicola Walker, nevertheless we'd advise you to get up to speed before the New Year!

And there we have it - our must-see guide for 2021. Watch these, and there’s no chance you’ll feel left out of the end of year conversations. And even if these ones on the list don’t come up in discussions - you’re guaranteed 5 great series’ to binge over the festive period!

Have we missed any out? ​​We’d love to hear your choices! Let us know via emailTwitter or Facebook.