The best freeview channels for kids

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5 Aug • 6 min read

Summer is here, and while we all want our kids to be outside from dawn till dusk, there’s times they need to take it easy. So what better way for them and you to get a bit of downtime than chilling out with their favourite shows?

But with so much to choose from - and so much you don’t want them to watch, it feels like a bit of a risk to just let them loose on the main channels or streaming services. Luckily - you don’t have to. There’s some great Freeview channels just for children; here’s our pick of the best.


We’d be shocked if you didn’t know about these already, but if you’ve not stuck either on in a while, you’ll be amazed by the sheer diversity of shows on offer. While you’ll find all the old classics like Blue Peter, Danger Mouse and Shaun the Sheep, we’d recommend giving some of the newer shows a chance. We’re particular fans of Odd Squad - a group of kids who use tech and science to solve mysteries. Or i your kids love indulging their creative side they’ll want to find the Art Ninja or pay a visit to Ricky Wilson's Art Jam - both are sure to have them reaching for their nearest crayon or paintbrush and creating their very own masterpiece.

You’ll find CBBC on 201 (or 204 for HD) and CBeebies right next door on 202. Or if you’re looking for something more interactive then check out the CBBC website - it’s packed with great activities to help your kids stretch their imaginations.


Gotta catch em all? With POP you can. This channel promises high octane energy for kids aged 6-10 and it certainly delivers. Pokemon is the stand out show - but you’ll find something for everyone with a range of shows based on entertainment classics including Lego, Barbie and Care Bears.

And if your kids are younger don’t miss out on its sister channel Tiny POP - which has feel-good entertainment for 4-6 year olds including a whole wealth of shows based on one of our all time favourites Sesame Street. Find POP on channel 206 and Tiny POP right next door on 207.


If you grew up in the 90s then CITV will have a special place in your heart. From Rugrats and Recess to Thunderbirds and CD:TV it had something for every occasion and for many Brits was our first introduction to the weird and wonderful world of American entertainment.

The good news is - beyond having a dedicated channel all of its own (203 on Freeview) - it’s not really changed. Well, obviously the shows have, but that same mix of hilarious animation, engaging hosts and top notch talent is still on offer. The new animated Thunderbirds shows appeal to the big kid inside us, while your own kids will go mad for Scrambled. And, if they’ve always dreamt of being on TV themselves, the CITV website is the place to go with regular casting calls for young talent.

Ketchup TV

Kids can’t get enough of Peppa Pig? Then Ketchup TV has your back. It’s not the most well known channel, but with Peppa and Super Ben as the headline acts you’ll find more than enough to keep your kids entertained. Check out this trailer to get a taste of what it can offer.

This streaming channel can be accessed through your Freeview box on channel 211, though you’ll need at least a 5mbps WiFi connection to ensure you can watch shows in HD.

If any of these have grabbed your fancy, find your remote and scroll to the 200s on your TV guide - you’ll find all these channels and a few other kid friendly offerings between 200-211.

What shows are appointment viewing for your kids? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, or if your kids have a favourite show they can't stop watching email us - we'd love to hear from you!