No time like the present(ers): a look back at some of British TV’s biggest national treasures

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21 Jun • 6 min read

As viewers, it’s often easy to overlook those that present our favourite programmes. From the game show hosts that help keep law and order, as well keeping the score, to our reality TV presenters that are normally tasked with adding a little calm to the chaos of live television. They all play an integral part.

And this week, we’re paying homage to some of the greats. Think everyone from Louis Theroux to Davina McCall. Stacey Dooley to Jonathan Ross. So, get ready for a trip down memory lane and a generous dose of nostalgia. Not to mention a look at some hosts with the most that are shaping the new wave.

Fact of the matter

As much as the razzmatazz our favourite presenters can add to entertainment shows, you can’t beat the grit that our hard-hitting documentary makers bring to the table. With that in mind, look no further than the legend himself, David Attenbourgh. The standard bearer when it comes to presenting some of the most informative and educational shows of our time. Take Blue Planet as a prime example. It’s undoubtedly become a British institution, as fans clamour for the next instalment as soon as the current one is out.

You’d be mistaken if you thought he was alone though - the likes of Louis Theroux and Stacey Dooley have more than stepped up to the mantle in recent years. The former has gone from niche to one of the most recognisable faces in the world. From memes, to merch, Theroux has truly cemented himself as a cultural icon, both here and across the pond.


The life of a chat show host might seem easy on paper, but it certainly is not. Balancing the egos, the audience and asking all the right questions can be a tough task. The best hosts make it look as natural as a natter with friends on the sofa at home. And are there any more iconic than the hilarious, yet cheeky Jonathan Ross? We’re not sure. If you’re talking longevity, then very few can compete with Wossy. Don’t believe us? Then have a look at some of his best bits here for an insight into the broad repertoire of guests Ross has hosted over the years.

And what’s better than one charismatic chat show host? Try a whole group of them, and that’s exactly what you get with the fabulous Loose Women. Whether it’s Nadia, Charlene, Ruth, Janet, Denise, Linda or any of the other brilliant hosts - you’re guaranteed tears of joy as well as the odd tear at some of the delicately handled more serious moments in the show. These women are a group of diamonds, and daytime TV wouldn’t be the same without them.

Let’s get real

Now if you want to know which of our presenters have the toughest job, then look no further than our reality hosts. After kids and animals, reality stars might just be the next on the list of those to avoid working with. They’re unpredictable and often potty mouthed, but someone has to try and restore order to the weird and wonderful world of reality TV. The undisputed Queen of Reality Hosts has to be Davina McCall.

The iconic Big Brother host set the bar for post-millennial presenters, and no one encapsulates the famous show more during her 10-year stint. She was sharp, warm and most importantly beyond likeable. Although Emma Willis has admirably stepped into her shoes since the show’s revamp - no one quite compares to Davina!

Which presenters have captured your heart over the years? As always, we’d love to hear from you. Reach us via email, Twitter or Facebook to get in touch.