Manhattan’s 5 worst ways to go on-screen: voted for by you!

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29 Oct • 6 min read

As Halloween approaches, we take our annual trip down memory lane and revisit some of our favourite films that cause us a fright. On paper, we shouldn’t love it but the reality is - we just can’t get enough! This year we wanted to do things differently though. After collating some of the scariest scenes in horror movie history, we asked you which would be the worst way to go.

Let’s face it, none of these scenes are a desirable way to come to your demise. Whether it’s a gruesome, bloody death, or a thriller to mess with the victims mind - these scenes are as iconic as they are nail biting. So let’s see the results.

Jaws - Shark Attack

Well, well, well - there was only one place to start, wasn’t there? For a generation that didn’t grow up on tons of special effects and stunts, this film (and the famous ‘you’re gonna need a bigger boat’ line) is as iconic as it gets. 43% of you voted this scene as your ‘worst way to go’ and we can’t disagree with a single one of you. Jaws wasn’t simply ahead of its time - it’s simply timeless. Spielberg’s classic isn’t just a go-to for Halloween but it unquestionably takes on extra significance this time of year.

Alien - The Chestburster

There’s no doubt this scene left it’s mark. Shock factor? Check. Gruesome? You bet. A horrible way to meet your demise? Absolutely. Upon its initial release, this gory moment had cinema-goers launching their popcorn in the air before scrambling down the aisle to escape the terror. We recently watched it back - trust us, it’s still terrifying! Ridley Scott’s extra terrestrial masterpiece influenced a generation of films that followed, but you always remember the first. And the first chestburster scene is truly unforgettable.

Silence of the Lambs - Brain Eating

It’s fair to say that some horror classics get less scary the more times you see them - not this one though. Anthony Hopkins’ maniacal portrayal of Hannibal Lecter quite possibly gets scarier with every watch! Despite the infamous brain eating scene being criticised by audiences for overstepping the mark during its initial release - it remains one of the most memorable scenes of all time. 40% of you voted this as the worst way to go - to be honest we’re surprised it wasn’t more!

Psycho - Shower Stab

It started so ominously, although we don’t think anyone could’ve anticipated just how scary this scene would be. It had us looking over our shoulders in the bathroom long after rewatching this classic. The sinister music is eventually met with the threatening blade appearing over the shower curtain. The rest as they say - is history. What sets this scene apart from the others is just how relatable it seems. No special effects. No otherworldly creatures. Just someone happily mind their own business in the shower, until disaster strikes.

The Shining - Here’s Johnny!

Even those that haven’t seen the film know about this scene and the memorable quote. Jack Nicholson’s famously ad-libbed line encapsulates the unhinged persona he embodies throughout the entire film. The build-up, the suspense, the dreaded inevitability of an axe wielding murderer on the hunt. We get the same chills watching this for the 100th time as we do for the 1st. Fun fact: this famous scene took three days to film, using a staggering 60 doors in the process!

So there we have it - our Top 5 ‘worst ways to go’ from horror movie classics, as voted for by you. Think we’ve missed a more horrible way to go? Tell us we’re wrong on Facebook or Twitter, or if you have more to say, email us - we look forward to hearing your list!