Just who is the Queen Vic's biggest crown jewel?

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16 Feb • 5 min read

In the beginning…

Since the spring of 1985, Albert Square has truly seen it all. Laughter and tears, cliff-hangers and “doof doofs”, shocking arrivals and even more shocking exits… At the heart of all the drama lies The Queen Victoria, or as we know it, “The Vic”.

To commemorate nearly 36 years of this British institution, we take a look at some of The Queen Vic’s most iconic matriarchs.

And there’s only one place to start…Angie, one half of Albert Square’s most famous (and volatile) couples. Her and “Dirty” Den gave us what is widely considered to be the most memorable “doof doof’ of all time.

Cast your minds back to Christmas Day 1986. Chances are you were one of the 30 million viewers tuning in to Den delivering the shocking divorce news to Angie.

Angie, or Ang, was The Vic’s first “Queen” and the only thing that could compete with Anita Dobson’s larger-than-life portrayal was that larger-than-life perm.

The Radio Times have unpicked some of the key moments in the turbulent history of Angie and Den.

Beale or no Beale?

We’ve just taken a trip down memory lane looking back at her parents, now let’s turn our attention to The Vic’s current Landlady. Sharon Beale (previously Watts, Rickman AND Mitchell) is one of the show's original characters and has had four separate stints at the helm, dating back to 1991.

It is safe to say the adopted daughter of Angie and Den has picked up traits from her parents, both good and bad along the way.

Sharon’s time on The Square has centred around her love of the pub; and the Mitchell brothers, but we must say, we’re loving Sharon being back behind that bar!

Want to relive that history-making episode from 1985? Check out the very first taste of Walford here.

Pretty in Pink

Now let’s step back and have a look at Sharon’s predecessor, Linda Carter, played by the fabulous Kellie Bright.

The Carter family led by Linda and husband; Mick, stepped onto our screens back in 2013 and have been a true breath of fresh air ever since.

Bright has portrayed flamingo-loving Linda with admirable subtlety and nuance. It feels like the Walford Gods have really thrown the kitchen sink at Linda but her and hubby Mick always seem to find a way of bouncing back!

We’re just glad Linda and co. have stuck around since leaving the famous pub.

Watch Kellie Bright and Danny Dyer chat about all things Mick and Linda here.

The Duchess

There’s only one place to end, isn’t there?

The Queen Victoria’s biggest crown jewel. The late, great Barbara Windsor and her legendary interpretation of Peggy Mitchell.

Cast your minds back to 1994 when Windsor’s carnation of Peggy came beaming onto our tellies. With that, British TV’s most well-known phrase “Get outta my pub!” was born. My word has it been used in some legendary scenes since!

We’ve been blessed with some truly amazing female figureheads on Albert Square, but few have had the mainstream crossover of Peggy. As the icon herself once said: ‘I will go as I have lived: straight back, head high, like a queen’.

It’s clear to us that Peggy goes down as The Queen Victoria’s greatest ever Landlady. But what do you think?

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