BritBox is now available on Manhattan TV

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8 Dec • 4 min read

You heard that right - BritBox is now available on your Manhattan T3-R boxes and it will be reaching the T3 within the next few months.

We hope you’re all as excited about this as we are - when will BritBox arrive is one of the questions we’ve been asked the most this year and it’s one we’ve found it hard not to answer.

It’s the first of the big paid subscription services to make their shows available on our TV boxes and we’re proud to say their app offers everything you’d expect from the Manhattan TV experience - delivering you with the simplest way to watch old classics and discover new favourites

What is BritBox?

Nothing less than the very best of British telly - available whenever you want to watch it. And, best of all, because you pay for BritBox there’s absolutely no ad breaks.

It’s got all the big name shows from the BBC and ITV archives, along with a range of content from Channel 4 and Channel 5. So whether your tastes veer more towards the period charms of Downton Abbey, the gritty drama of Broadchurch or the escapist joy of Thunderbirds, there’s something for everyone.

What exclusive shows are on BritBox?

Right now, there’s just the one exclusive on BritBox - a revival of Spitting Image. For anyone who remembers the original, you’ll be pleased to know that the comedy feels just as fresh and relevant today and the puppet design will stick in your head for days. We can’t get enough of it and it’s become a must watch for most of the Manhattan team.

And more shows are on the way - drama fans are in for a treat, with some properly juicy shows on the way. Four commissions have already been announced: ‘The Beast Must Die’ starring Cush Jumbo, TV adaptation of Anthony Horowitz’s ‘Magpie Murder and Ben Macintyre’s A Spy Among Friends

And last, but by no means least - Irvine Welsh is making the jump from literature to TV for the first time to produce a show based on his novel Crime.

How much does BritBox cost?

Unlike other catch-up services available on your T3 and T3-R like iPlayer, All4 and ITV Hub, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription for Britbox. It costs just £5.99 a month and take it from us - it’s well worth the money. Once you start browsing through their archives you’ll find dozens, if not hundreds of shows to keep you glued to the sofa for just one more episode.

Ready to give it a go? Visit to sign up for a free trial.