Britain’s best ever Freeview show

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26 Jan • 6 min read

It’s time to settle the debate. We want to find out what the best Freeview show to ever grace British screens is. You could call it an impossible task - we just see it as a challenge! From the nation’s favourite gripping dramas, to tense cliffhangers from Soapland, when it comes to a good bit of telly, us Brits really do it best! What’s more, these classic shows are either still being broadcast on Freeview or available on demand. What a result!

Peep Show

Some might call this a left-field pick, but when you think about it, Peep Show might just be the best sitcom to come out of the UK. Over the course of nine series, the Channel 4 hit quietly revolutionised comedy in the Noughties, giving fans something they had not seen before. The use of voiceover narration to convey the inner thoughts of its main characters, as well as the point-of-view camera style, all adds to the off-kilter awkwardness that makes Peep Show so quintessentially British. If there’s ever been a show we can watch over and over again without getting sick of the jokes - it’s this. So it’s a good job each episode from all nine series’ is still available on Britbox and All 4!

Peaky Blinders

Simply put, Peaky Blinders is a true modern day masterpiece. After a stage show, and countless flat cap purchases later, Steven Knight’s gritty drama is going from strength to strength. With series 6 on the horizon in 2022, now is the perfect time to join the party if you haven’t already! As well as a truly sensational soundtrack, each episode is brimming with tension. And the best thing is - every second of the action can be caught on BBC iPlayer.

This Is England ‘86

Shane Meadows proves he's as adept at directing emotionally-charged, often hilarious episodes of television as he is film. Picking up from where the gang left off in the cult classic film is a stroke of genius and results in a show that's nothing short of impeccable. This is England consistently sparks both tears and laughter. And while it often dials up the drama to almost unbearable degrees – it always serves the characters at the heart of the story first. That’s why we love it! Most shows this good come and go, leaving audiences clamouring for more, but not This is England. All 4 is the place to be if you want to relive every minute of the action.

Coronation Street

As a nation, it’s pretty safe to say we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to great soap operas. From Eastenders to Emmerdale and Hollyoaks, everyone’s got their favourite. But you just can’t help but overlook the first. Over 10,000 episodes later, the Manchester-based cultural institution is more relevant and more important than ever before. From tackling delicate issues such as domestic violence and LGBT characters, to hilarious double-acts such as the much-loved Jack and Vera. The cobbled streets of Weatherfield has it all. You don’t need to tell you that Corrie is on most weeknights on ITV. But did you know that you can still watch classic episodes from yesteryear over on ITV Hub?

Only Fools and Horses

Few shows can match Only Fools and Horses when it comes to generational appeal - in many ways it really is the perfect family show. Slapstick gags and one of the best on-screen duos to ever appear on British screens. We all know a Rodney and almost all of us have come across a Del Boy before. This iconic show really has something for everyone! T3-R fans, luckily for you every single episode is still available on Britbox! Is there a better show to binge on if you fancy a slice of nostalgia?

🎬 And there we have it, our 5 best British Freeview shows of all time, which one gets your vote? We’d love to hear your choices! Let us know via email, Twitter or Facebook and we’ll announce the winner once all of the votes have been counted!