Best kids shows to watch on Freeview this half term

14 Feb • 6 min read

Half term is here and while it seems like spring is finally in the air, it’s not quite warm enough for our kids to spend all their time outside. So how do we keep them entertained during their time off?

That’s where we come in. We’ve put together our guide of the best kids TV available to watch on Freeview this half term. From Cbeebies to CITV, and YouTube Kids to POP - we’ve covered all the bases for a fun, safe and accessible half term with our loved ones.

YouTube Kids

We’ve started with a bit of a curveball here. YouTube Kids provides a safe and contained environment for children, whilst allowing parents and grandparents to guide their journey. Safety and security are definitely the buzzwords with YouTube Kids, the app itself doesn’t allow anyone under the age of 18 to set it up. Meaning it’s down to the adults themselves to set their own parameters when it comes to the content they can enjoy.

The immediate emphasis is on educational fun. Whether you want to get the kids involved in some half term cooking with some of Jamie Oliver's easy to cook and easy to follow interactive recipes. Or, how about some holiday arts and crafts? Show Me How is a brilliant channel dedicated to creative ways to get the best out of our kids’ downtime during half term.

Even if you decide to let your children roam freely on the music section of the app, you can do so safely in the knowledge that they won’t be exposed to any videos with profanity or explicit content. As apps go, YouTube Kids is as safe as it gets.

ITV is the place to be

For the perfect blend of nostalgia plus the best on offer today, it doesn’t get much better than ITV. You might be surprised to see classics such as Bob the Builder and Scooby Doo still knocking around in 2023, but they are and they’re more fun to watch than ever before. However, if you want to escape the timewarp of shows from yesteryear, fear not, ITV is full to the brim of new favourites for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Trying to appease that awkward pre-teen phase? Then we suggest giving the likes of Dare Master and How a go. Both shows perfectly encapsulate the mischievous side of kids that are at the grown up, but-not-quite-grown-up-enough period in their adolescence. Not to mention the educational element either, it’s a win-win situation if you ask us!

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Best of the Beeb

And of course, there was no way we were going to miss out on all the fun action going on over at Cbeebies. We already spoke about some of our own childhood favourites from way back when on ITV, but nothing quite beats the BBC when it comes to a dose of nostalgia.

Can you believe the Telebtubbies is still going strong after almost 30 years on television? Neither could we. The iconic show still caters to toddlers in the same endearing way now that it did all the way back when it started back in 1997. With over 100 episodes available to watch on BBC iPlayer, it’s safe to say that your little ones will be well occupied for days to come.

Slightly older ones might prefer something like Gym Stars instead. A show that follows the journey of young budding gymnasts on their quest to become a professional. Even if they’re not hoping to go down a sporty route, Gym Stars sets a great example for hard work, dedication and commitment during their formative years.

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