"A Near-Perfect Freeview Play Recorder" – Cordbusters review the T3•R

Posted on Monday August 5, 2019

"A Near-Perfect Freeview Play Recorder" – Cordbusters review the T3•R

The experts at Cordbusters have heaped praise on the brand new Manhattan T3•R Freeview Play 4K Smart Recorder.

Their in-depth and detailed review highlights the T3-R’s performance, range of features and value for money, saying:

With a super-fast interface, smart recording of up to 600 hours and the ability to pause live TV, Freeview Play catchup apps and even support for UltraHD (4K), the T3-R is currently the pinnacle of Freeview boxes
Another important aspect of the T3-R as opposed to a regular TV with a Freeview tuner, is the speed: Most tellies have an excruciatingly slow interface. And unfortunately, that can also be said for most of the other set-top Freeview boxes out there – they’re slow…

The T3-R’s speed is comparable to the newest TV streamers out there, and truly feels like a modern device, and not an ancient set-top box like some others do.
...this is the best Freeview experience you can get.

Still not sure if the T3•R is right for you? Read the full review on Cordbusters and then explore the T3•R on our website to learn more.