T2-R v1.04 update available now

Posted on Friday November 2, 2018

If your T2•R is connected to the internet and left in standby, it will update automatically overnight, unless you have disabled automatic updates in the System Settings menu. Please see below for more information about updating, including how to update by USB.

Issues Fixed

  • Though this was thought fixed in 1.03, a further issue was discovered whereby seemingly randomly, channels or scheduled recordings could be removed during the Automatic Service Update in standby. This could happen in locations receiving signals from multiple transmitters with signal variations.
  • An issue that could make it impossible to set series recordings for some programmes. This happened when the T2•R received two regional variations of the same channel, e.g. BBC One SE at 1 and BBC One LON at 800. This did not affect channels with +1 (e.g. ITV & ITV+1) or HD alternatives (e.g. ITV & ITV HD), only regional variations.
  • Whilst a recording was in-progress, it was not possible to resume playback, only play it from the start again.
  • It was not possible to set an instant recording on a channel immediately after using an MHEG red button service on that channel. It was still possible to record from the Channel Banner or TV Guide.

For information about previous updates, please see the T2•R's Software Update page.

How to Update

To check your current version, press MENU and select: Help > System Info. If the version is lower than 1.04, you should update.

Update your T2•R over the internet

  • Your T2•R needs to be connected to your internet router with a wired Ethernet cable.
  • To update straight away, press MENU and select: Settings > System > Check for update now.
  • Your T2•R will update automatically overnight whilst in standby, as long as you haven't disabled automatic updates in the System Settings menu.
  • When you turn your T2•R on for the first time after it has updated, a message will be displayed confirming the update has taken place successfully.
  • To check the status of your T2•R's internet connection, press MENU and select: Help > System Info > Network.

Update by USB Stick

You can update using a USB stick. 

  • Download: Manhattan_T2-R_v1.04.zip
  • Included inside the zip file are release notes and the update files.
  • On most computers you should be able to double click on the zip file to extract or browse the contents.
  • Before proceeding, please download and read the instructions.
  • Do not copy the zip file to your USB stick as that will not work.