Manhattan SX v1.02 update available now

Posted on Thursday June 14, 2018

We're always keen to improve our products and the v1.02 update introduces various enhancements and bug fixes.

When your SX is connected to a valid satellite signal and left in standby, it will update automatically overnight (if you haven't disabled automatic updates in the System Settings menu). Please see below for other ways to update.


Improvements to the TV Guide

  • The first 4 days of programme listings are quickly collected during start up so that you can browse what’s on straight away.
  • The mini TV will display live TV instantly after entering the Guide.
  • The remaining listings will continue to be collected in the background while you watch TV. However, if you navigate to an incomplete day in the Guide, the mini TV will temporarily be suspended while the SX quickly completes collecting the rest.


  • The SX will always detect the availability of HD alternatives. Previously this was not the case because some broadcasters are not reliably using the official method to signal them. V1.02 introduces an improved way to detect them.
  • Assorted User Interface improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • The SX did not automatically detect the maximum resolution of a TV connected by HDMI and instead would set it to 1080i.
  • Random crashes when watching BBC NEWS HD.
  • The Signal Info screen would not display for Manual Channels.
  • When the SX is connected to a Switch that supports both SCR and Legacy modes, disabling SCR on the SX did not activate Legacy mode automatically.
  • Assorted minor bug fixes.