Cord Busters on the Manhattan T2•R: A Top Freeview Recorder

Posted on Wednesday October 31, 2018

Cord Busters on the Manhattan T2•R: A Top Freeview Recorder

Cord Busters got their hands on our brand new Manhattan T2•R Freeview HD recorder last week, praising the T2-R's speed, simplicity and generous hard drive.

With an incredibly fast interface (better than on most tellies), the ability to record up to 300 hours (SD) from two separate channels at once, skipping adverts, and a couple of smart recording tricks – the T2-R will definitely upgrade your Freeview viewing experience.
...if you love flipping live channels, but still want to record programmes and watch them on your own time – then a box like the Manhattan T2-R can be perfect for you, with no-fuss smart recording capabilities and a big hard drive.
I can’t stress the importance of the speed factor enough – Freeview on many TVs, as well as on cheaper dedicated boxes, is often an excruciating experience due to the interface’s speed...
Things are very different, however, on the T2-R – the programme guide comes up instantly when you press the remote, jumping between days and channels is also very quick, and the whole thing just feels as snappy as it should in this day and age.

If you are still undecided if the T2•R is for you, Cord Busters' detailed and impartial review could help.

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