Christmas TV Crossword

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16 Dec • 3 min read

There is no better time to enjoy the best of your favourite telly than over the Christmas season. 

This year is no exception, with some of Britain’s most beloved shows rustling up a bonus special for you to feast your eyes on. But we're not quite there yet, so to keep your minds occupied we have the perfect festive brain teaser to pass the time and get you in the spirit!

Go on, complete the Manhattan TV Christmas Crossword and discover some of the festive TV specials coming your way this December. 

To get started just click the button below and enter your answers. Just one tip - if you think the clue is two words, you'll need to put a - or _ between the two words when writing out your answer. And if you want to see all the clues at once, just click on the three white lines in the top right.

Crossword Clues

4 Across: This famous alien inevitably saves the world every Christmas

6 Across: The perfect Manhattan TV box to gift this Christmas

8 Across: Heated and spiced

10 Across: Barbara Euphan Todd's sentient scarecrow

12 Across: Creative mind behind The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands

13 Across: Character played by Edward Asner in the film ‘Elf’

1 Down: An annual musical celebration on BBC Two

2 Down: The award Father Ted won for Christmas heroics

3 Down: Ebenezer Scrooge’s visitors, of past and present

5 Down: “Deck the halls with bells of …”

7 Down: Central American plant commonly used for festive floral displays

9 Down: Where you may find Geraldine Granger delivering Zoom sermons this Christmas

11 Down: Who takes centre stage at 3pm on Christmas Day?

13 Down: Ant and Dec hosted children's programme running from 1999-2001

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